Pure driving fun ... for children and adults

Pure driving fun ... for children and adults

HUDORA 14695/01 - Big Wheel GS 205 (Toys)

Customer Review

This is our second Hudora scooter with the 205'er tires.
We bought in the spring of 2009. Roller (in a different color), and now (spring 2010) was expanded our vehicle fleet by scooter.

Delivery / equipment:
The scooter is "ready to drive" comes in original box ... without repackaging.
On a scooter handlebar strap is attached via Kunststoffkarabiener when you fold the scooter, it can be so relatively comfortable to wear.
The two grips can be folded (tent pole closure).
For a good stand a folding stand provides. The mudguard of the rear wheel to be used as a brake.

The "14695 - Neon" is painted in the front area in matte black, which then turns into a dull gray back. On the tread surface are neon green "deposits" ---> I find the look just great !!!!

Just like during our first Roller, (link) was also here at fat ball bearings saved!
Both bearings (top and bottom) are Stutz dry !!!!
The last year ordered Roller also lies also very stiff draw because the glands were too tight in this scooter you could draw, but you could see a clear resistance once you've taken the arm by more than 45 °.
Both scooters I have disassembled and greased the bearings! Without this, the camp would certainly eat sometime.
Hint: Who his camp also want fat -> the terminal for the handlebar is secured with two Allen screws. Should unscrew both bolts alternately by a quarter rotation to solve this one always. If you turn a screw loose ... first is the other screw even tighter and then can not be opened!

Driving pleasure:
Even for children from 4 years of the scooter is a pure delight!
Due to the relatively large tires a brisk progress is guaranteed, and smaller stones (gravel) or grooves between paving stones are easily mastered by scooter.

An absolute shopping tip!

Poor quality 5 Rank: 1/5
March 12
Wireless Phone duo Rank: 4/5
October 23
too noisy 4 Rank: 1/5
April 17
Recommended. 152 1 Rank: 5/5
January 16
Wonderful !!! 1722 Rank: 5/5
December 12

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