Search for people the keyboards for the office

Search for people the keyboards for the office

SteelSeries Apex Gaming Keyboard black (Accessories)

Customer Review

For weeks I researched for a new keyboard that can replace my old, as they looked gradually more and unsightly and the key began to pinch.

To do this: I am a copywriter and layout artists, journalist and photographer - well, known, you can not stand on one leg.

With horror I realized that many Produktrezesionen be related to gaming keyboards. Nothing against it, but where is the balance to information that now are really relevant to a keyboard, such as writing and working in the office?

I think there is the keyboard manufacturers but a passing, right?

My need and requirement:

I need a keyboard with which it can be written well, especially ... plus I do not need NO Cherry switches, certainly. Who wants to spend a lot of money for technical refinements it is like to do. Need does not do this one. I know forever many authors who write in their notebook their books and articles. Hello ... All money making and marketing .... With what was standard 15 years ago, is made again today large advertising and people go out from and discuss what click / sound when writing better. Well, everyone hard so his Leidenschaftenn what is OK and back to the roots is sometimes good, but in the end are all in my opinion just gimmicks. Typing on a keyboard is just pure matter of habit and a very individual feeling. Imagine: 30 years ago people have hacked on typewriters. What would the happy to have a flat keyboard, with very light strokes ...

HOWEVER, continued to be important to me that I can launch programs and functions via keyboard ... I had until yesterday the Microsoft Desktop 6000, which is no longer produced. Why, I do not know because that was super. She was truly one of the best keyboards to date. In my use I was able to write with her perfect and long, in Word they had many additional features such as spelling, save, format, etc. by pressing a button. Excellent. Where is the left Please ?? For me, a keyboard is an office tool, not a utensil games.

One drawback was that the radio transmission was not optimal, that you had to shoot the receiver as possible within sight of the keyboard, so it does not drop outs. Also, that the signs were stuck, was a problem. Anyone who has come up with would have to be sued because adhesive letters on a keyboard ... well ... for me that's really the last. I still have the first Microsoft Ergo Keyoard where still drinsteckt good old school ... lasered symbols, great quality, office keys (Mail, Browser, Search) and media buttons .... and even then 2 USB ports. But unfortunately very, very powerful and just old ... (I would still never throw away) ...

So continue was important to me that I can control Spotify and media tools directly that I can activate Progam and shortcuts by pressing a button and the senseless button on the keyboard, the parking button disable, or that it is built at least 1/2 lower ,

Well pretty and the keyboard should look.

It may be that Logitech is good, but I had earlier with all products, particularly with the software, only problems. Since I would never buy me another Logitech product. The alternatives for me were Corsair and the Mad Catz STRIKE 3. For all other disturbed me too many factors.

Ultimately, I decided for SteelSeries Apex because it is currently quite "low" (too expensive for a keyboard but still). And now this:

The connection was not so easy. I had installed the software in advance, because I was expecting something like a guide to her. They do not exist. You do not need but also because the part is self-explanatory. But I, I put the connections in the USB hubs and was asked to update the firmware, which I also tried. The update was interrupted, for whatever reason - and then the keyboard was not recognized. A reboot, reinstall the software and a new attempt to load the update applied then but ad hoc success. Everything OK. Just plug and play is just something else ...

For keyboard:

1. looks great (which is also a subjective feeling, I like it but 100%)
2. It has rubber feet, which prevents slipping and strong vibrations or rattles
3. You can be subdivided into different color sectors for a better overview.
4. The various layers can be color-coded
5. Incredibly many individual adjustment (hey, it's a keyboard ... I find it super options extensively)
6. Within a few minutes you can be a complete office on the part of organized (Word, Excel, mail, etc.), launch applications, configure shortcuts and macros. Super easy ... Who writes here that he expected for a guide that certainly need for a Lego ... Really intutitiv to use and very good.
7. Lighting and Farbspecktrum: The lighting is very good at full strength, runterregeln but does not make much sense, since they are no longer seen. The color spectrum is not really covered a Pink in the software is on the keyboard, a lilac-purple. The white is also more of a very light blue / turquoise. But I think that's not bad, because that's gimmick and not critical to the operation of the keyboard.


I'm used to a Ergo Keyboard for years. That's quite a difference to a "straight" keyboard switch. Granted. But I write this Rezesion with the SteelSeries after a few minutes (!!!) - yes Minutes - familiarization period. Still some clear bib because it is just a change. But I personally feel the attacks / pressure points as very good. Just right for me, because you can not go wrong, in my opinion. Above all, I'm going faster and faster ... so that it is fun and also not due to the joints as some complain. Before that I was most afraid that you can not write to the send part .... nonsense - it's great!

Especially the large space bar is great :)

Must get used to also respect. The media keys on the far right are attached. I'll still often on the "Play" button, if I want to press Enter on the numeric keypad ... but that will lie down or do I reverse the buttons simply by software. Goes also.

The letters are really easy to read and, if the Black button will not rub off even so I hope that they will be legible even after intensive use.

The cable is stoffumantelt, which I think is also good. The 2 USB hubs I really do not need, but are not reversed.
And the very short palm rest is perfect, nice people. Anyway, for me, because I hate nothing more than these half-hearted integrieten plastic palm rest. When SteelSeries you can to create a beautiful gel wrist rest and everything is fine and better than the All-In-One-dung.


- A good writing experience, I think in 2 days I could classify it as very good. This brings me anyway very clear after a very short time.
- Many function keys, which are a real relief, not only for games but also for the office, in addition also still arranged super are (Corsair has 18 Macro keys in a block ... who can remember as which button has which function? I find the distribution at the SteelSeries really succeeded and clearly)
- Good software, with which everything can be configured in no time. I also have here already read negative comments on it, which I can not understand or confirm after the first intensive use
- Optical simply great. I find it really tres chic, elegant rather than as clumsy as the ordinary "gaming" keyboard.
- Lighting unimportant me, but nice to look at, though not the spectrum is covered, which is suggested by the software - super is the division into zones, which creates a better overview, particularly with regard to the layer - so I know whether I'm in Windows or Photoshop fashion ... I think it's great ...
- USB ports - are there and work;)

This keyboard was in my mind, since I for the first time in such an unfamiliar technology market; had seen). I found at the time the design is good, but the price just too high. Today I have to say that it is currently probably nothing better for me. I am very satisfied and would buy the part currently playing. Should anything to alter this opinion after prolonged use, I will tell it like it here.

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