The headphones are not bad.  The Kabek the vulnerability

The headphones are not bad. The Kabek the vulnerability

Creative HN-900 headphones with integrated microphone (100 dB / mW) (Electronics)

Customer Review

The headphones are not bad. I use them in the office to the ambient noise to reduce and possibly also listen to music. Unfortunately, the noise reduction is not enough to noisier colleagues "mute", but which is probably a general problem of such "noise reduction" headphones, since these were built specifically to suppress ambient noise but not the voices, so you tense up can entertain, or hazard can be created.
However, when I turn on music, is anything but (almost completely silent).
So you work well. Not very good, but I can not expect in the price range.

There are, however, that bother me on the headphones and the result in a star deduction two things:
1. When I turn on the noise reduction, which also leads to a better sound result, I have to be careful to have no mobile phone near. Unfortunately, the electronics for the radio waves is vulnerable, so I am constantly disturbed massively from the typical radio noise of a cell phone. Can I no longer bear it, but I can switch off the active part and you are gone and the noise. Even though this degrades the sound quality, it is the better alternative for me.
2. However, more problematic is the susceptibility of the cable for me. After a short time ranging from normal to intensive use, this is sadly gone partially broken. By that I mean that repeatedly turn off parts of the music, so that I only hear the background noise of the music, but not the main voice. I have to wiggle a bit on the cable, and then it goes back. Of course, it is however worse with time. Will I have to replace the cable, I have a (different people maybe even two) problem (s). I use any Apple products, so it does not bother me that I would have to give up the mike in the cable suddenly (the original cable replacement I have previously searched without success). The to the nonexistent problem for me. However, the headphones have a specific design. This means that the higher-jack cable from the connector fit alone extent not enter (see comparison photo). It already led me to a bad buy because one hand Creative not informed of the maximum diameter of the connector and provide most cable manufacturers no size information on their. I have made an attempt of a higher quality cable purchase. Will this but still be too large, I'll probably have to foul or resort to substandard goods.

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