To Toss and laughter - not just for kids!

To Toss and laughter - not just for kids!

Pettersson's Inventions 2 (app)

Customer Review

The grumpy Petterson and his cat Findus are well known from books and film and television. Sometimes are games that build on those successes, knitted with the hot needle or unimaginative, just emerged to still way to make money. Nothing is true here.

It is a completely independent, lovingly drawn game in which you have to block, for example, pipes or gears to construct Apfelpflückmaschinen or mice showers. The maxim here: Always so complicated and convoluted as possible! By the way you learn a bit about peculiarities of physics, z. B. leverage, but the fun is clearly in the foreground .. To complicate the whole, are always some even totally unsuitable from the available parts.

For the target group "children" directed App puzzles pretty schwierig.Die youngest are creating not even adults have to toss ene while until they have complex structures together. But well worth the effort because Petterson distributed with cute sounding accent gold stars and if you have all the level completely, also comes up with a musical bonus puzzles.

I got this game for free time and I am so pleased that I have bought part 1 now. The repeatedly mentioned deluxe version I'll save for double level me. In my opinion you have just either 1 and 2 or only Deluxe. But why such a great app like to evaluate this one with an asterisk is ignorant. There is no yes forced to buy everything, and in the description of the Deluxe version, what's inside - if you're reading powerful.

mega cool game. Rank: 5/5
August 30
Excellent product! 41 Rank: 5/5
March 28
Beautiful book! 8 1 Rank: 5/5
January 19
Crystal Case 1 Rank: 5/5
May 13
Pleasant, just good Rank: 5/5
January 18

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