Apps for Android


  • But it is not free  

    Demon Hunter: Chronicles of the supernatural (App)
    It began interesting to speculate but after 20min was then concluded and the next one would pay it with. Free version I call something else
  • Playability? Illusion!  

    Castle of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse (App)
    Actually a successful jump-and-run game with good graphics, a variety and, in my opinion, appropriate difficulty. On my Kindle Fire HD, I can not only play to Act 1 of the library. In this level, the game hangs repeatedly at the same point on (the bi
  • intricate dots  

    Router (App)
    A sexy game with thought. The first level quite easily, then more points or other arrangement seeking repeatedly connection. It's addictive, because you would be if you have connected all the dots and maybe get an asterisk means of help. I do not lik
  • beautiful 17 1  

    Grand Escape (App)
    a fantastic graphics, beautifully appointed rooms, not very easy puzzles, but certainly in a logical order. I like that and I'm playing it right now for the umpteenth time. Recommended!
  • Not quite so sparkling  

    Paranormal Agency: The Ghosts of Wayne Mansion (App)
    Game is ok, I think it's just done something unkind. The Wimmelbildrätsel were not so great. For the price I would have expected more. But as I said it's ok.
  • Super Game  

    LYNE (App)
    Seems simple at first, but is very challenging fast. Extremely entertaining game. 4 stars because of the worst battery eater is I have installed.
  • Great game 9  

    Bubble Witch Saga 2 (app)
    I'm a King fan of the first hour. This game is very well done, you need a bit of skill to accurately shoot the balls. But it is through practice sometime to master. Super!
  • entertaining game at the time bridging  

    Osmos HD (App)
    This game is simply capricious and is perfectly suited to bridge longer waiting times, for example in the train. A large amount of levels and modes offers plenty of variety and ensures a long-term motivation. The difficulty is initially very simple,
  • If the timelines were not  

    Mahjong Journey (App)
    Beautiful appearance, but my opponent is the time. Definitely recommended, since free. Due to the partially very small pieces for progressive difficult. Buying tools I reject.
  • Days Verse  

    Bible Verse of the Day (Amazon) (App)
    Taking a short verse to one thought from the Bible with the day, which often fits exactly to the situation
  • Real Super 1  

    Chichild Fish Aquarium (App)
    When Watching you can really relax. Here's looking at two to three times a day a long time to fish. As I said, it relaxes me and I can only WEITEREMPFEEHLEN.
  • German Bible  

    Bible (App)
    Very convenient as it always is on hand and also quickly something can be checked, since the Bible is the best foundation for our lives.
  • Good app with interesting features  

    Live TV (App)
    Finally an app that will work on the Kindle HDX without major interruptions am glad to have found it. Also interesting is the ranking of the stations and the ability to access the media libraries of many stations. And the presentation in full screen
  • but good 5  

    TSF Shell (App)
    Depends repeatedly in Android 5. 0.2 app freeze and widget sometimes do not go if that is the launcher I do not know
  • Simple but good. 1  

    Archipelago (App)
    When I got myself this game as an app of the day, I let myself be convinced by the recessions. I have not looked back. The graphics and gameplay are very simple. Nevertheless, I turned on the first day with empty battery firmly that it was early in t
  • very nice 46 1  

    Myths of the World: Stolen Spring Collector's Edition (App)
    Beautiful game, beautiful graphics well detachable mystery. Good story. As usual, thoroughly enjoyable game. Can only recommend. Just always too short.
  • Just great, keep it up.  

    Bubble Witch Saga 2 (app)
    Just great, keep it up. Why they benöigen a certain number of words? I do not know what else to write.
  • (App)
    Since the Bible and Jesus Christ are the foundation of my life for me, I appreciate the Bible in different Tradutionen to read because I thus discover always new.
  • As a remote control for Logitech Music Server (Squeezeboxserver) the app of choice  

    Orange Squeeze (App)
    Whether. BlackBerry Z10 or Android smartphones or Android tablets, this app makes on all devices a good figure Of course, the optics are on a 7 "- or 10" tablet longer ago than on a 4.5 "screen, but the operation does not suffer on sma
  • Kindle for Android  

    Kindle for Android (App)
    That helped me a few books on the go auchauf mobile load without ever having to take the "Kindle", also 2 different versions of the Bible, which is very helpful.