A noble and versatile high-end compact camera with excellent image quality - but too big and too heavy in the PowerShot family?

A noble and versatile high-end compact camera with excellent image quality - but too big and too heavy in the PowerShot family?

Canon PowerShot G1X Mark II Digital Camera (12.8 megapixels, 5x optical zoom, 1: 2-3.9, 24-mm wide angle, Full HD CMOS sensor) (Electronics)

Customer Review

In spring 2014 G1 X Mark II and the Sony Cyber-shot RX100 Mark III were presented two interesting new editions of proven high-end compact cameras with the Canon PowerShot. Both manufacturers have provided their model each with a handsome price of 849 Euro. The ambitious amateur photographer as an alternative to his kilo DSLR equipment a new compact camera on the go wants, which is to meet still high demands on image quality and operation, had to take a closer look here. In particular, as the three big players in the market (Canon, Nikon and Sony) for this price to get started quite well serious digital SLR (DSLR) offer. One in September re shown at Photokina 2014 Compact Canon was there not yet known: the PowerShot G7 X.

Here was in the summer, a few days tasted with years of EOS, IXUS and PowerShot experience in the back with two cameras and photographed: in addition to the Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II (abbreviated G1XM2) was also the Sony RX100 Mark III ( short RX100M3) tested. Meanwhile the RX100M3 by EISA for "European Compact Camera 2014-2015" was elected, while Canon simultaneously and surprisingly at Photokina 2014 a new member was introduced in the PowerShot family: the 1-inch PowerShot G7x - ajar with the look the PowerShot S-series (similar S110 / 120/200) and technical features similar to Sony RX100M3 (albeit with more zoom, but no viewfinder). Few insiders have the G7 X seen before Photokina, so the technical and aesthetic qualities will be more testing in the coming months, European launch in October. The G1XM2 is further advised by the G7x priced under pressure - the market price of G1XM2 will certainly continue in the coming weeks, well below 700 euros, enter the G7x with 649 Euro.

Who more than a Canon camera in the house (eg an entry-level DSLR or semi-pro DSLR) will not necessarily fall on the relatively heavy and solidly built G1XM2. However: its image quality is the sensor size (1.5 inches) and workmanship according to outstanding!

=== === Camera Kurzportrait
The Canon GX1M2 offers in the recent remake G1X ("Mark 1") finally a high-quality housing design which underlines the status of a noble-compact at first glance even from the exterior. Taking the G1XM2 into their own hands, impressed the high quality of the relatively large and heavy housing. An incredibly solid camera: metal case, two rotating rings around the Objekivtubus of which clicks a tired, the other is silent rotation. A real gem compact bolide. But: in size, weight and price is directly the question of whether the "compact" is really enough. The 5x zoom lens (24-120 mm film camera equivalent) lens offers impressive mass and a promise of high image quality.

Some details:
- Canon CMOS sensor 1.5 inch (18.7 x 14.0 mm2)
- Canon processor DIGIC and iSAPS 6
- 12.8 MP (effective at 3: 2), 13.1 MP (effective in 4: 3)
- F2,0-3,9 / 24-120 mm (KB) 5x zoom lens (14 elements in 11 groups)
- 3-inch display: PureColor II G LCD touchscreen (TFT), 3: 2 aspect ratio, approximately 1,040,000 pixels
- Minimum Nahaufnahmeentfernung: 5 cm (instead of 20 cm at G1X)
- Instead of optical viewfinder now an electronic viewfinder as an extra available (EUR 299)
- Video: Full HD (1080p, 30 frames / sec)
- WiFi / NFC function of the camera with the Canon-app "Mobile Camera" allows IMMEDIATE transferring photos to your smartphone and the minimum remote G1XM2 (for quick connection there is an extra button above the right thumb rest)
- Totally new housing design (metal)
- W x H x D: 116.3 x 74.0 x 66.2 mm 3
- Approximately 558 g (including battery and memory card)

=== === Screen, viewfinder and flash
The camera has a trundle and 180 degrees herumschwenkbares up 3-inch display. Rotational movements to the side are not possible. A High quality, swiveling viewfinder is also available - but that drives the overall budget for the G1XM2 still over 1000 Euro and destroyed the right to compactness completely (!).

The G1XM2 permits for the existing hot shoe in addition to high-fold built-in flash and the connection of external flash units - a sure sometimes very sensible option - however, this is a compact camera, and no mid-range SLR. Completely trustworthy overlooking the mechanical stability of the Pop Up is not - but it is interesting that both Canon as well as Sony akutell use here a similar mechanism to pop up the camera lightning relatively high above the housing.

=== === Autofocus and exposure
The Canon-Kenner puts in doubt the autofocus point by finger touch on the touch screen of G1XM2 determine how he knows it z. B. from the PowerShot S-series already. The test shots out often occurred on the situation that an ulterior building was enclosed by Baumeinrahmungen in the foreground or middle distance - fast then the AF jumps to the nearer branches. With a touch on the touch screen of the G1XM2 is resolved quickly.

=== === Functionality and operation
The operation of the camera as a whole with no real surprises. You find your way quickly. On the top you will find a well-latching end Multifunktionsbedienrad, the on-off switch and the shutter, around from the front, the zoom function can be operated. Rather unusual is the fact that the image playback button in the Canon can now be found on the top near the on / off switch. This is Canon atypical and convinced not right - at the latest G7x image playback button is already gone from the top and placed on the back.

=== === Picture Quality
The image quality at close range and in high-contrast exteriors is excellent. If you zoom in the test shots that were made in our shooting situations with three cameras (EOS 5DM3, G1XM2, RX100M3) it is noticeable that the G1XM2 in the border area has significantly better than the Sony Drawing RX100M3. Here, then, the simple size of sensor (1 inch, 1.5 inch, full-size) and actual lens size is reflected in high-ever better image quality and resolution.

Overall, the G1X convinced with brilliant images and nuanced shadow detail. Of course, the EOS SLR shots give much more detailed drawing and resolution than the compact.

=== === Test environment
The reviewer, for many years an ambitious amateur photographer with Canon EOS 5D (Mark III, before Mark II) and Canon interchangeable lenses in the camera bag, has the move in recent years in addition to the small and lightweight Family DSLR (the pain passes through many hands) - especially when traveling - also various quality compact cameras photographically used: Sony RX100M3, Canon PowerShot S110, Leica D-Lux 4 (similar in construction: Lumix DMC-LX 3) and Leica D-Lux. 3

Image viewer is a "virtual photo lab" consisting of a used 17-inch laptop with Adobe Photoshop CS 6 and Lightroom 5. To assess the "same" recordings of three different cameras that were taken at a single location within a few minutes of each other were, as unedited JPEG images (as they have been saved from the respective cameras) and are compared side by side, partly with maximum magnifications relevant / critical areas.

=== More than gimmick: Smartphone operation via WiFi ===
The G1XM2 can via WLAN / WiFi from the mobile phone to be remotely controlled (Shutter, W / T Zoom). This requires WLAN activated on the camera (has G1XM2 to its own WiFi function button) connected smartphone via WiFi with the camera, password or Camera Name (appears on camera) entered when you first connect to the smartphone and the relevant app "Camera Mobile "are called by Canon on the mobile phone. By the way: the G1XM2 can be switched on with the mobile phone again - but the detached camera then loses her balance at extending the lens forward and is on the front adjustment ring on. Not bad (and radardroid dutifully before), but the user as a warning ...

=== Professional tests (for information) ===
Obviously not only the reviewer was looking forward to the new large compact camera from Canon, but also the photo-test professionals relevant editors.
* The photo magazine Colorfoto has tested the G1XM2 in her lab in detail and discussed in the large single test: the test can be found in Color photo booklet 7/2014 (pages 30 to 34). Conclusion: "a refurbished overall package convinced many details that".
* Photo editor Hans-Heinrich Pardey the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung has presented on the pages of the art and the motor G1XM2 in a single test: in "The special thing about it is the good in it," is the test to be held from July 2014 respectively faz.net.

=== === Buying Tips
The G1XM2 is ideal for the photographer / photographer looking for an almost complete compact car, which is solid in the hand and, if necessary, can be extended (essay viewfinder, flash attachment, but not interchangeable lenses). Now, in the autumn of 2014 for a final comparison might still delivering the latest G7x seen that was apparently developed by Canon in a hurry in the "form factor" of Sony RX100M3 - the price of G1XM2 thereby come under pressure.

=== === A Final Word
Sounds, text, images - critically, independently, often "on the run" - our motto. Should these lines be useful in orientation and possible purchase decision, thank the reviewer for an appreciative clicking on "helpful". For additions, questions and comments is the comment channel available.

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