A really good washing machine!

A really good washing machine!

LG F14B8TDA front load washer (A +++, 1400 rpm, 8 kg Start time delay, sports program) white (Misc.)

Customer Review

We are a 5 person household and therefore our machine will be quite busy.
Average wash 2x per day is very common with us.
How to reach the "normal" life of a washing machine (Stiftung Warentest expects 1840 washes for 10 years) but much faster (in 2.5 years).

Our first washing machine, Miele Toploader (then we were still in twos, threes or shortly thereafter) held about 10 years.
In this period had 3x the customer service come (for a Miele not exactly laudable)!
Then we had an AEG Lavamat, this ran without a problem 4 years and 3 months, then she had a bearing damage.
The next was another AEG Lavamat, these managed 3 years and 2 months, and then the engine was broken.
Our penultimate engine was a Siemens, the absolute horror!
After 2.5 years she was an economic total loss, we received from our Plus Insurance (3 year extended warranty) 80% of the purchase price refunded.
In those 2.5 years of Bosch-Siemens Hausgeräte customer service was 4x in the house!
So we decided (in spite of all the test results); never again a Siemens (or Bosch, are indeed identical)!
Our next machine was a Samsung, these we had almost 2 years operation.
During this time she showed no real flaws, but was not yet as robust as it promised the advertising.
Mainly the sporadic beating drum during the spin cycle (despite balance control), squealing noises (the then disappear for weeks) and the very grumpy Motor clouded the joy wash.

Now we have the LG F14B8TDA.

For our needs almost perfectly; 8 kg capacity, 1400 rpm (more you really need not) and energy efficiency A +++ (-10%)!

The machine makes a very robust impression.
Workmanship and material impression are immaculate.
The operating surface is very clear, easy to use and self-explanatory.
All information are immediately apparent.

The Bullage could be for an 8 kgs Engines slightly larger in diameter, and is also not in the housing recessed (my wife complains about the "aesthetics", here saw our Samsung but a little better, ok, this is certainly a matter of taste).
The loading is still very good.

Washing works very simply.
In about half of the programs you can manually "intervene" or make the processes themselves.
Temperature, Spin speed, intensive washing, Prewash, intensive rinse and anti-crease can be selected by pressing a key.

A highlight of LG is the Direct Drive motor.
Clearly a contrast to normal engines.
In operation (washing) it is incredibly quiet, you really only hear sounds from the drum motion, water and laundry.
Depending on the load situation, the noise level changes, of course, but overall I would classify as the LG comfortably in the volume (our Samsung was there noisier).

The "6Motion" can be heard clearly.
It's amazing what a different drum movements generated the LG during washing.
Sometimes it looks as if the laundry thrown through the drum, the change of direction are impressive abruptly.

This is also reflected in the washing results; the laundry is super clean (our Samsung was worse here, too).

What I have noticed.

Despite energy efficiency A +++ (-10%), most washing programs are pleasantly short.
Many machines buy the energy efficiency for ages washes.
The automatic load of LG does the rest to do so; in some programs, the filling is pre-reviewed and adjusted the wash time.

The detergent dispenser, or the chambers are big enough and well filled (our Samsung was here not nearly as ergonomically).

Anyway, we are (so far) very pleased with the LG.
I can of course call no long-term experience, but I will complete my review from time to time.


On us as well "machines experienced frequent scrubber" makes the new LG an excellent impression.
One notices the definitely modern washing technology (Direct Drive, 6Motion ...).
Washing result, energy consumption and volume are absolutely convincing.
I would recommend the LG F14B8TDA with a clear conscience!

Addendum 13.05.2015:

The LG now washes over 15 months in our household.
So far there have been no adverse events or abnormalities, she runs like the first day.
We are still totally satisfied!

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