A typical Canon EOS ..... only smaller!

A typical Canon EOS ..... only smaller!

Canon EOS 100D Digital SLR Camera (18 Megapixel, 7.6 cm (3 inches) touch screen, Full HD, Live View) Kit including EF-S 18-55mm 1:. 3.5-5.6 IS STM (Electronics)

Customer Review

I photograph now for almost 3 years. I started switched with a Canon 1100D, came across a Sony SLT A57 and ended up later with an Olympus OM-D in the mirrorless. In order to build a bridge back to my beginning, I should have tested the Canon EOS M. But that did not interest me so right and because it has offered that I could borrow from a friend the Canon 100D. The terms of size of a mirrorless indeed comes pretty close.

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++++++++++++ PROCESSING / HOUSING +++++++++++++++

407g weighs the baby only and it shows immediately. To realize this is the camera of course completely made of plastic. A rubber coating is only the handle and the thumb rest. In the price range of course you can not expect miracles, but overall the camera is processed very clean. The fact that the display is permanently installed, everything seems all of a piece, and feels very solid.
The keys have a pleasant pressure point, only the command dial on the top is a little stiff.

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++++++++++++ HANDLING / Ergonomics +++++++++++++++++

The small size of the 100D is not quite as good in the hand like a 700D.
Now I have not really very big hands, but my fingers were never fully put to the handle itself. There was always something in between air, whereby the attitude feels cramped little unusual. Only when you have the camera used for a while you get used to something about it. However, I must say that many mirrorless system camera, better hand is, although these are sometimes even smaller. People with large hands should so be sure to try the specialty camera beforehand. Especially with larger and heavier lenses holding the camera could be very tiring.
Otherwise, all relevant to photograph buttons are arranged so that they can be easily reached with your thumb or forefinger.

The great strength of Canon is the clear structure in the user interface and the clearly structured menu. It is immediately clear what lies behind the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčoperating concept. All settings that I can track the viewfinder have a direct dial button ISO, exposure compensation, AF, AE / AF lock. All other settings must be made via the Quick menu. Since the selection of the 4-way navigation is still a bit cumbersome, it is already almost rely on the touch function. So the whole thing then also quite fast, but not just as good as direct-dial keys.
To activate the Quick menu is always first press the Q key, only then can per 4-way cross or just by pointing a finger to change the settings. This is the smooth touch screen no response as a key you have to look where the setting is and can not just blindly feel the appropriate button at the beginning always once.
This is very unusual at the beginning, but still a while it goes better.

Nevertheless, I did not become really warm with the touch operation. That may be because I do not own a smartphone and the touch function in cameras have always had rather a nice touch. But the 100D is now, like the Canon EOS M, significantly more designed for touch operation. Probably you just need a lot more settling time to internalize the touchscreen mechanisms.
Overall, I operate in the few days of testing has not quite convinced. The Quick menu-heavy operation is simple not so comfortable and really cling to the hand, the camera does not do well.
Why can the 4-way cross without any functions is somewhat questionable. Register here for some direct-dial functions like the other Canon models, and even the operation would go a lot better by the hand. Too bad.

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+++++++++++ EQUIPMENT +++++++++++

> Technical Equipment
The display has more than 1 million pixels on very fine, but reflects something which you can not see much when the sun shines. The image reproduction is very natural and sharp. That is permanently installed hardly bothers me. I like it even, since the camera acts as a unified whole.

With a magnification of 0,52x the Penta mirror viewfinder is quite small, but at least bright enough. Through an exit pupil of 19mm, the viewfinder can fully grasp even for eyeglass wearers without problems.

Under the small housing and the battery needs to suffer. With 800 mAh charge is a little weak on the chest. According to CIPA standards are thus only 380 shots in there. In daily use were then without a flash and without Live View but a few more in it, but the battery life behind other DSLR's remains. Longer than most mirrorless does the battery but still, are the optical viewfinder Thanks.
Was also saved in the AF sensors. Only 9 Units in number and just a cross-type sensor. The commanded already my old Canon 1100D, as I would have liked a little more.

> Functions / configurability:
Canon is better known for clear menus and clear structures and less for a generous feature set. Since the 100D is no exception. It offers pretty much everything you look for in an entry-level DSLR, but also no more. More profound configuration options, customizable buttons or other customization options in vain. I think almost every other camera manufacturer offers as more.
Is that bad? This is likely to in any himself. One likes it when the camera has many functions as possible and does it involve confusing menus in buying (like me), the other like it the other way round. In my Olympus OM-D E-M5, I lost myself at the beginning for hours in the confusion of the labyrinth menu. The Canon 100D I was after a few minutes there.
What the camera then now everything can and can not I do not want to enumerate now. Who should be interested to download the manual canon.de easily. Overall, though, it offers a similar feature set as previous Canon entry-level models. Only one or the other function has come to this.

All in all, offer the equipment proven Canon diet without big surprise. One searches in vain nothing, but not happy about great features.

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+++++++++++++++ Autofocus / SPEED ++++++++++++++++++

The new kit lens, the autofocus is really very fast and almost silent. Only in Live View approve to like more than one second.
The duty cycle is exemplary. Less than a second takes the little girl to be ready.
With 4 frames / sec. If the continuous shooting speed is not quite as fast and the buffer is full already after 4 images. For sports photography, the 100D is thus not really suitable.

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+++++++++++++++ IMAGE QUALITY / LENS ++++++++++++++++++++

The new kit lens from Canon is my opinion the secret highlight of the new Canon 100D and 700D entry-level models. It has a fast, quiet autofocus and provides in terms of imaging performance almost all other kit lenses from Pentax, Sony and Nikon in the shadows. Neither vignetting or chromatic aberration, distortion still fall to negative and also the sharpness is really very good. The processing is of course not very high, but rock solid in any case.

Since I do not like I photograph nachbearbeite usually in JPEG format, which is why the Bildaufbearbeitung is very important to me. This is matched quite crisp as with the other Canon entry-level models. This one gets "out-of-the-box" very respectable results, without the noise reduction swallowed too many details. The new kit lens so you really get very good serves and sharp images.

However, I have to say that hardly anything has changed at the image quality in recent years. The sensor is still the same, the was used in the Canon 600D and I think even 550D. The competition from Nikon has since been increased significantly. So she is much better with its 24MP sensor particularly to ISO 800 and also about not significantly worse. Even Sony has risen steadily in recent years. When comparing some sample images "imaging-ressource.com" image quality from Nikon, Sony and Pentax also me has often fallen significantly better. If Canon does not want straight behind, should already change at the upcoming entry-generation something.
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++++++++++++++++++++ CONCLUSION ++++++++++++++++++++++++

The Canon EOS 100D is a good and especially small DSLR. Unfortunately, the handling suffers a little under size. At the processing speed and contrast, there is nothing to complain about, especially the good kit lens did to please. Compared to the competition, however, the image quality could not convince me so completely.
Otherwise offers the 100D just what you expect from Canon, without too many changes. All who do not want to give up the phase autofocus and optical viewfinder and still looking for a compact camera, might find it here. Although one should say they system camera does not reach far to the compactness of a mirrorless, which is primarily due to the larger lenses. Even those who, with appropriate lens Park, has greater Canon and this too great for certain situations (such as a bicycle tour), could be happy with the 100D.

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