An epic and beautiful smash adventure begins!

An epic and beautiful smash adventure begins!

Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS (Video Game)

Customer Review

There it is! The long-awaited Super Smash Bros. for the Nintendo 3DS. After three days and more than 15 hours of play I've already achieved a lot in the game and that is to saying something, after all, this is my first game in the Smash series. Yes, shame on my head because when Mario and Nintendo fan in general, for me it is still a mystery why the previous parts have gone past me. Maybe because I'm more of the handheld gamers And since it is equal to the more beautiful that the first 3DS version appears (the Wii U version in the next few months), mainly because it is also the first portable Smash Bros.. The game was developed by the creators of Kid Icarus Uprising, which made me very entrained 2012, had only a slightly unausgekl├╝gelte control. How then proposes (pun ?!) now the newest offshoot of the successful series?

Story-wise there is nothing to report, because it's mainly about to turn all the characters and stages free to countless trophies, etc. Moves
But do not worry, there is a lack in no way to scope

As with Kid Icarus Uprising bombard us developers with almost endless possibilities: Although I've gambled the demo, but when the game was launched for the first time, I had to first look in peace. Various Smash modes, workouts, tips, videos, a shop and especially great the music library. And before then off we went right, I've first created my own Mii. Class! I love their own Miis in the new Nintendo games and here you can choose the same three fighter types. And then you can still get the outfit and especially the attacks individualize, fantastic. And that's not just in the Mii's, no, the normal characters can be modified. This allows almost endless, many ways and with the figures now available Amiibo this will then be further expanded so here ever have kudos to the developer, because one wants to a sophisticated fighting game yet. Especially the New Nintendo 3DS supports NFC for stylish Nintendo characters.

Otherwise, much will be known for Smash fans, for me, everything was new course. The Classic mode is great, but also difficult (if one hard set him), but also the fight against the All-Stars is a lot of humor! Brand new is the smash-adventure mode, in which five minutes you explore an environment and all kinds of enemies makes flat to improve his stats. Very cool, but it depends on chance, which is played in the access, there are other fights, but also race. The race or climbing are quite cool at the beginning, but I wish there was more here options to set just the final match!

Let's talk about character selection: Great! 48 fighters there, including several unlock. The Mii's, I did not count them do so because they can be either one or three characters include (by the three kinds (boxer, swordsman and Gunner)). Through the costumes can from Bowser Jr. For instance, as well as the seven Koopalinge make very great. Perhaps apologized Dr. Mario, the most obvious Kloncharakter. Cool the Duck Hunt Duo, Dark Pit are (controls itself differently than the normal pit), the return of ROB or Charizard! And there are a few other colleagues who have to do with Nintendo little as Sonic, but Pac Man and Man above all mega!

The situation is similar with the Stages: These are based mainly on handheld games (so for me a pleasure!). The selection is huge, even here there are some that you can unlock. The Rainbow Road is awesome, but the F-Zero Map I like, generally the stages that are geared to the more classic Nintendo games are gorgeous to look at. Here also, the 3D effect works very nicely, I think! The visuals are always truly remarkable for a 3DS game, the animations are fluid and look good, you can also reduce the black border around the characters or even be completely disappear, but it is often times difficult to make out where one's figure, located in epic battles. And even with the 3DS XL, but really disturbing is never actually and for the game may also in my opinion nothing!

But what about the controller? Which works very well in my eyes. I've often read that the control has been somewhat simplified for the handheld, but I have no problems or find something disturbing. But I suggest training to try previously, before throwing yourself with an unknown character in the Classic mode. But again, it's nice to see that his fighters can be as often and as long as you want to try! In addition, there are a few nice minigames, like the sandbag weghauen (I call it anyway so ^^)!

The online multiplayer works well, but there is one time or another major disruption, however, which is perhaps the wireless But the fact is that the online function that's what multiplayer freaks will enjoy, even if it a slightly better ranking system could have given, but forget it!

We come then to the music: Kid Icarus Uprising has enchanted me mainly by its breathtaking score and is for me still the best game soundtrack I've ever heard. For Smash Bros. 3DS lot of work has gone into the music, which makes me very happy! The new main theme is very combative, but is played sometimes very melancholic. And then there are the countless reissues of recent 3DS Top Hits, as well as many classics, all reissued (while a couple of classic 8-bit and 16-bit tracks are below). The sound is fantastic, there were again many composers at work, but this time the many cooks have spoiled the broth not entirely! And as already mentioned you can hear in the music library all the titles separately, wonderful!

Conclusion: This game is not only long stewing in my 3DS, it could also be one of my new favorite songs for the system, in addition to Mario Kart 7! Super Smash Bros. is a fighting game how you want it and blew me away completely. A grandiose character and Stage selection, great control, breathtaking scale and a massive soundtrack with big orchestral sounds, since the Smash Heart would (hopefully!). I'm still thrilled about how epic, action-packed, but also beautiful and nostalgic game comes along. A combative journey through the world of Nintendo!

Update 4/28/15: The first real DLC for Smash Bros. has been released! Mewtwo is a fighter to purchase now for 3.99. Those who have the 3DS and Wii U version registered by January could enjoy a free coupon codes. Anyway, I find Mewtwo class! Not only that, he's my personal favorite Pokemon, he is really its own fighters and returns from Melee now back. Furthermore, there will be soon Lucas from Earthbound, in addition to the vote Nintendo fans, who else can still step into the ring, thumbs up for that!
But there are also now different costumes for Miis in trendy outfits Nintendo as a Link costume, a Mega Man armor or Majora's Mask. These costs but together 6.39 (individually are the costumes but very reasonably priced for about 70 cents).

I find this additional content absolutely great, they bring extra fun and make the game more colorful anyway extensive and multi-faceted.

Since the release now gabs already many updates for the game itself, which mainly minor weaknesses, such as bugs has been fixed. There are now but it is possible the DLC shop and the opportunity to share photos online.

Otherwise, I have to write, like me, this game is still excited even after more than half a year. Meanwhile, I have gambled more than 300 hours and the war is still not enough. And that is why the appeal to Nintendo: More DLC's, not only for Wii U, but also just for the 3DS, even if the game already bursting on the handheld almost at the seams!

ok ............. 8 Rank: 4/5
July 19
Top DLC :) Rank: 5/5
September 30
Bloodhound Rank: 5/5
December 25
a little disappointed 25 1 Rank: 3/5
April 4
poor 196 Rank: 1/5
April 28

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