Beautiful card game bridge size

Beautiful card game bridge size

Set of 52 cards: BICYCLE Bridge Rider Back red Format (Toy)

Customer Review

Bought for my 12 year old son who embarks on magic, he is very happy.
Well this one is pretty standard for this brand, but he has the time to buy in more original.
About me and contrary to a comment above, the game is well received bridge format.
The bridge size cards are narrower and thus more child wanting to handling.

Sports bag Rank: 5/5
November 4
Is okay! 9 Rank: 4/5
August 1
morale Rank: 5/5
January 30
among the best of the moment Rank: 5/5
January 8
Good reception 2 1 Rank: 5/5
April 3
Good curling ... Rank: 4/5
September 4

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