Best of 2012 at least partially

Best of 2012 at least partially

Kontor Top Of The Clubs - The Biggest Hits Of The Year MMXII (Audio CD)

Customer Review

I think this album is really successful. 60 dance songs. Mainly more club music, though is likely to be something for every taste, especially on CD 3. artistes like Remady, DJ Antoine, Tiesto, Michael Mind Project or RIO can be found on these 3 CDs. Simply the best of 2012 (Luckily the Gangnam Style is not it, is it unfortunately on the 57, this is still a great TOTC edition).

Just stupid that too many mainstream songs are on it. At least on CD1 and 2. That's why only 4 stars. What Say Nothing, Hot Right Now, Calling, Feel So Close, Antidote, In My Mind, Children, Spectrum, Super Love, Summertime Sadness, Shake 3x, moon, Broadway, etc.? Why are not the plan and instead Titanium, Euphoria, Starships, Do not Wake Me Up, Scream, Good Feeling, International Love, I Follow Rivers, etc.? Well, you can cope. If you like club music, who would might like that. Play worthwhile. Not predict whom the auditions, the CD should not buy also.

Hope I could help you with the purchase.

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