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What have they been looking forward to after the first and the incomparable 2-th part of Resident Evil, which is no longer available since the beginning of 2014 on the index and thus is free for sale, available for purchase the third and therefore last part on the PS1, to throw in the console and enter a new, exciting, but also bloody shock adventure.

So far so good. Or not?

Content includes the third part seamlessly Andes first part of, thus including the protagonist Chris Redfield and Jill Valentine back are from the party to liberate Racoon City of the T-virus plague that has spread across the city and himself with a whole skin to escape from the city. The enemies are the usual suspects like zombies, spiders, dogs, etc., however, comes in this part of an unpredictable new enemy added, namely the large Nemesis makes merciless hunt for the STARS members, and thus, ultimately, on our two main protagonists.

New to the gameplay is that you can perform a quick 180 degree turn and the avatar automatically directed to the next opponent. Has remained, that one is aiming and shooting condemned during immobility, and thus run away sometimes the better alternative, especially if you have chosen the difficulty.

Because the graphics are pre-rendered outstanding and detailed as in its predecessors, the camera remains fixed course, what one sometimes straight drives in an image change in the opponent's arms. Also the load times are bridged by the obligatory door open, you want to put typewriters using ribbons to use, and release crates that keep a utensils in case of ballast remained. Since the inventory summarizes only 10 items and this is very fast full with weapons, herbs and puzzles utensils, these boxes are also of most urgent importance. All in all, many familiar and cherished.

The menu structure is not very different from its predecessors. A clear map that a run at puzzles (bring Part A to place B) helps to avoid an unnecessary walking distances. There are also more challenging puzzles, but all are solvable with a little head work. Even the unvermeintliche herbal mix help an often at survival because normal health packs are sown but very rare. Documents that give you more information on the course of history there can be seen how the control of the health condition.

However, most you will make life difficult, because he is chasing you almost the entire game by the Nemesis. There are situations in which discolors the screen and you must make a decision in a split second, like to run away, for example, or mess with the Nemesis. Can you pass this time taking a decision on the program, and mostly does not understand in your favor, since the fine gentleman as a standard weapon has a rocket launcher available and deal with this also. Running away is in this part no longer as easy as it was in its predecessors, where, once you walked through a door had rest because of Nemesis can break through that but sometimes allowed to come to the front one the beads of sweat.

The whole is accompanied by a menacing soundscape, as the shuffle and groan of the undead. Musical entertainment at the approaching threat scenarios can hardly be a moment of peace and contemplation. Also worth mentioning are the venues, which distinguished themselves with a bit more variety compared to part 1 and 2.

And now enough of the positive.

Why had received a rating of 16 this game. Resident Evil has always been an adult game (although it has now probably played every 10 years), and by an adult game I expect the blood "RED" is displayed and no gray. Furthermore, I find it impossible, the zombie corpses (I know: the term bites) dissolve into air, or other enemy types at the latest at the next picture change of the Invisible "garbage disposal" were disposed of.

I find that this no more little things are. As a grown players (46 years), I would like to be treated as such. Zombies are fiction. What ascends the Call of Duty series partly considerably harder because even more realistic, but it can be expected the adult gamer. Why there was no German version from 18, without cuts.

Everyone can live with the bloodless censorship cuts should be set the game (if it has the first two parts, or Dino Crisis, Parasite Eve or Obscure great place), because the incisions on the story any, to the voltage only marginal , the game production but has a significant influence. Accordingly, you should always access the full age gamers on the European or UK PEGI Pal version.

Without the German censorship scissors the Game of mine would have gotten 4-5 star, but must in this version a 3 rich with a big plus. And that hurts me properly.

Among the comments below, I have the link to my Resident Evil reingestellt 2 review, which was deleted from the index since early 2014 again, and since then free again, and is in full to purchase!

Important .:

- To all those who have played the 5-th and 6-th part (for me a betrayal of the Resi-series, and not even as Call of Resi Spinoff acceptable), and this super-found, graphic fetishists or duration Action followers are rate I from buying from or those who should be the acquisition difficult to consider since these parts (1-4 and Code Veronica X) have nothing to do with the dull Dauergeballer the latest two parts.

- Those who Resident Evil Revelations found super, may I buying advice, since there still best reflects the feel of the old parts.

- Like most games of the PS1, these can also play on the PS2 and PS3. Where only an internal PS1 memory card must be applied at the PS3.

1.2 issue: indexing (who is not interested this topic, should be equal under 1.3 more)

Let us hope that soon other games pearls like Manh ... (one of the best and most atmospheric Schleich games where the socially critical media background was not recognized by the USK / FSK and BPjM) disappear from the index B and adult buyers not by the BPjM be bervormundet. On differences of FSK / USK (Voluntary Self-Monitoring of film / media industry or entertainment software self-control) and BPjM (Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons), and indexing on A-list or B-list I just want briefly because of the understanding now that that topic is very complex yet. Suffice

- The USK / FSK controlled games voluntarily and depositing on "difficult content" to the BPjM, which then checks a release. The best example is Gears of War 3, which / G should be placed on the Index by the ESRB where BPjM but opted for a release from 18.

- A-List: Games may not be publicly advertised or displayed, except areas which are accessible only from 18. There is no ban on the sale to adults. Game example: Gears of War 1

- B-List:. Clear ban (here you are in the areas of criminal law) Game Example: Manh ... (where this game was banned in most of Europe, because of the explicitly shown Gewaltexikutionen). In the short term it was available for purchase, however, also in Germany. However, very short. Happy the one who has gained the Game in this 6-8 weeks. There is here no possession / ownership ban, one must show it off or make available to the other is not.

There is the possibility to purchase indexed games as European PEGI version from Austria and Switzerland, or can be supplied from his trusted dealer games under the counter. For Forbidden Games to Italy turns out to be very tolerant, because there is almost no testing and indexing of games there. One has to distinguish between the European PEGI version that has a German sound track generally, and the UK-Pegi version, which is usually to have only in English.

Here, however, also confirm, as in other cases, exceptions prove the rule.

One must take 18 car, choose and if you are in the shooting club possess weapons, but the judgment on gaming or movie content is a denied in Germany even 40. I apologize to all those who hold this and the following statements in a game review for inappropriate me but lively again and again, if I do not find games like Dead Ri ...., ConDem ... etc at, or What is worse, the cut beyond recognition games, come as German version on the market.

There are some games as the bad habit that is corpses into thin air (eg Resident Evil 3 Nemesis, FEAR 3), which Resident Evil 3 also got a rating of 16. If one now takes place in a location where all the rooms are similar, for example, a prison (FEAR3) with a loud similar looking cells that abandoned corpses are sometimes the only guidance, because then you know "here I have been," and does not have all of new search. Especially in FEAR 3, which indeed is one of the newer games, you would have this kind of defusing really can not imagine, because they hardly occurred in the form. Not to mention the recolor red life juice, in neon green grits. Even omitting the ragdoll effect, the die that makes an opponent's avatars look more realistic, either pruned or as already written entirely omitted, the enemy often adopted wrapped with a flash, or in smoke.

I wonder now, as it has done through the examination of BPjM SAW. Suppose, since it is believed the victim and not the Tate role there. Of course, it plays an important role under what aspect you see a game, or want to see. Whether a balanced twentysomethings or a frustrated 60-year-old checked a Game. About an age classification of a Game, or film at the FSK / USK, selected by a panel of 5 people, but which can not form a cross-section of the population, and thus more or less arbitrarily, from areas such as education, politics, or theology etc. composed.

Sometimes the age classifications seem to me, however, very arbitrary, for example if the game "Lollipop Chainsaw" receives a rating of 16 precisely because of its excessive violence and the concomitant Realitätssferne.

The subjective perspective of the individual auditor / -or examiner therefore plays a fundamental role. Whereby a decision (as already mentioned) always more than one person of BPjM and USK, with the help of politicians (to be frequently inspected and which are classified with the Game demonstrations of the game, go to sleep) is hit. Criteria such as excessive violence which only an end in itself is, and vigilante justice or the aestheticization of violence by the slow motion effect (bullet-time effect) such as in Max Payne 1 will not be considered after the fact, because the graphics by today's standards is so unrealistic, and has therefore been deleted from the index in 2012 again.

Are you saying, in effect:

USK, and BPjM lagging behind the Zeitgeist, and are in most cases forced after a few years an indexing set aside again. The substantive reasons for indexing but not from the room. Although May Payne may not look as realistic as today's games, yet it's still about vigilantism and the slow motion effect. The same, so and in a similar form, even with Doom, Prototype, etc. FEAR

Each wants to establish adult games, I recommend the webside "". It prevents unpleasant surprises and its following playful and financial losses. Otherwise, always on the European or UK Pegiversion (English language skills are advantageous) access, although it can be with the release and sometimes vice versa. However, considerably rarer.

If cuts on Game in the US, or in Australia are made, it revolves mostly not violent content, but erotic illustrations showing a little too much. Example: the Australian version of The Witcher was mitigated against the German version to some sequences. This problem was also God of War feel. From this game series, there are several versions of each game, which was mostly mitigated in Europe by violent, and overseas to erotic scenes.

If cuts on Game in the US, or in Australia are made, it revolves mostly not gewaltätige content, but erotic illustrations showing a little too much. Example: the Australian version of The Witcher was mitigated against the German version to some sequences. This problem was also God of War feel. From this game series, there are several versions of each game, which was mostly mitigated in Europe by violent, and overseas to erotic scenes.

But the most extreme example is the Japanese strategy role-playing game "Agarest: Generations of War", which from 12 is available in Germany, but received the highest age rating in Australia because of but sometimes very provocative acting female protagonists, and with the added "Strong Sexual References "print" has been marked. This game is far from to be called hentai (pornographic manga / anime comic or movie, game). Since you can get a laugh, because of the prudishness of Australians (due some veiled, swaying breasts) actually hardly resist.

For console gamers, there is a second hurdle. There are games for console than 100% Uncut touted eg Dark Messiah, the actual uncut version there are then only on PC. Since the console version was never available or produced as a full-Uncutversion, you can apply this as uncut. With Manh ... 2 the same. Absolutely unabridged only on PC, easy to cut (or Griesel filter used) on the PS2 and hard cut on the Wii. There are a few other examples that I would like to enumerate here but not all, and can.

Some I would like to end yet make it clear:

All of my commentary here Games are clearly not in children's or youth hands, and should of mentally unstable people (where is the limit here, everyone should find out for yourself if it has not previously been the State for a), or of people the virtual and real worlds can not differentiate, are avoided. Ultimately, everyone is responsible for himself and his actions. However, I (ü45) take for me to claim to be able to play games that do not correspond to the mainstream.

Controversial discussions about so-called Amokkillergames can ultimately yes rather point to a socially, politically motivated issue. USK / FSK and BPjM are responsible for the youth and child protection, which I also generally favorable, because you have there to take into account the differentiation possibilities of the individual age groups. This makes sense in any case, since each age group with different perspectives, and the above-mentioned differentiation possibilities, goes about a medium. In addition, the age classifications are approximate values ​​that are important for eg parents so that their children age-appropriate media skills can take place before the age of 18.

With restrictions against adult citizens these locations exceed, in my opinion, clearly their powers and limits. From 18 you are of legal age in Germany, and is therefore also a differentiated way of looking at events, such as the advance in its simplest form, of action and reaction. This is a abgsprochen in the media, however.

Ultimately, it is here only to video games that is no reason for any statesman or dictator were certainly not going to war. The discussion about a murder in England, where they produced ... a connection with Manh, turned out to be absolute press duck, as you do not, the game special was the perpetrator of the victim. Also shootings do not indicate the play of first-person shooters with certainty conclude. If that were so, we would have in Germany alone millions of crazed killer on the streets.

In the 50-igern it was the comics, in the 60-igern television, in the 70-igern violence and zombie movies in to the 80's the advent of home computers in the 90-igern the Games, in the 2000-ies the Internet, etc., to the music that each generation of young people themselves needed as a demarcation from the adult world. Rock, then the POP, then Tekkno and now the rap.

Not to mention the real violent videos, which now replace our children in the schoolyard, where people tortured in the worst way, humiliated and the final end be beheaded publicly. The zeitgeist is unstoppable. Everything is possible, will also eventually happen in some form. Progress, even in this context, can not be stopped,

Each generation of mostly senior citizens tried ultimately their own sense of guilt of failure in relation to the younger generations, or even the entire social community towards to conceal it, to project one's own helplessness to this external influences (what ever would not be necessary) to be so a better feeling to give, or at least to have a political opinion generally correct. That alone was not bad. Bad it is until after the press and politics jump on the moving train, and make air through blind activism of their ostentatious powerlessness against these influences.

Above all, is most accurately achieved by indexing or prohibition of games the opposite. Especially among the target groups for these games are not suitable, will by such actions, just awakened interest. Especially since we live in the Internet age and anyone who really wants to be said indexed or banned media can be purchased from abroad. Thus ultimately runs almost every law, in particular the Criminal Code §131, which regulates the violence in the media, into the void. Here ends up biting the dog its own tail.

One could sometimes give a study according to which more violent acts happen. After gaming violent games, or the excessive use of alcohol. One can accuse me now of course, I would compare apples and oranges, but ultimately it is only the lack of proportionality, will deal with the range of this subject. But in my opinion it requires no study, but only the idea of ​​a clear sense.

1.3 back to Game


As I was able to read in a known and reputable gaming magazine, Resident Evil 1 to appear as completely new revised version for PS3, PS4 and also XBOX360, XBOX ONE in late 2014 and early 2015. For those who can not live with the outdated graphics of PS1, or do not want to buy a Gamecube or Wii for a better graphical Resident Evil 1, that's wonderful news.

Notes on an HD version of Resi 2 that are currently in circulation, should not be taken too seriously. This is so far only rumors. The YouTube videos that should prove this have been removed, as far as I know. So there are 2 options. 1) Someone has hired a well-made fake at Youtube, or there are visual information penetrated outwards that they wanted to prevent what would speak for an HD version. Officially there is as yet but a HD version of Part 2 no statements from Capcom.

It would of course be fantastic, would part 2 and 3 (uncut) experience in HD a revival: In Japan there are at least for the PS3, the Biohazard Hd Revival Collection, with Resident Evil 4 and Code Veronica X (although cut). Resident Evil 4 alone as HD version appeared only on PC. At least until now my knowledge. (Sept 2014)

If the same should not happen with part 2.3 and Code Veronica X, dreams would come true, at least for me. So hoping and waiting!

Note for newbies games:

- Almost all PS1 games can be played by the PS2 and the PS3. However, this purpose must be created an internal memory card for the game in the PS3! An upscaling or antialiasing can make the system menu, and govern according to his preferences. So it is not the initial purchase of a PS1 necessary.

. - If you have an old TV tube apparatus has (with a small screen size (37 cm), you should use this when playing PS1 games, since there the low resolution and 4: 3 display without black bars at least the weight falls. Connection should be via scart and not via AV connection, since much better image quality.

- Of course you can also enter the required settings on the flat screen. I never got the desired result from me. General but you may find the smaller the games resolution, the smaller the screen should be. Of course, it is also possible that I have a corresponding bend in the optics, and others perceive the whole thing differently. ;)


Looking forward to your feedback, and everyone who has taken the time to read this rather detailed review. So if I could achieve no gain in knowledge with you, I hope you still have at least entertained.

Images or Screenshoots to the product reviewed here by myself, are looking at the published customer images!

Otherwise GOOD GAMING !!!

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