great album - everything interlocks

great album - everything interlocks

A Clear Midnight.Kurt Weill and America (Audio CD)

Customer Review

the sleepwalker rehearsed "origin trio" has already been extended by the trumpeter and flugelhorn player Tom Arthurs what now,
allowed on this new recording in conjunction with the singing of Theo Bleckmann beautiful, complementary alignments.
what a great album.
k. weillsche atmosphere is there and at the same time breaks on the frame of his plays again and widens is "contemporary" and surprising.
as evidenced already ravishing advance in concert gets here a closed- and consistency that one sometimes feels as it has always been thought.

the "origin trio" weaves its pattern to a quasi magic carpet on the horn and singing their lines dancing.

for me the mom. possibly the best album of this ever-evolving musical whole organism by Julia Hülsmann the U from their experience with many singers here can draw. singers.

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