I stay razor, will electrically only now:

I stay razor, will electrically only now:

Panasonic ES-RF31 Battery Shaver (dry / wet) (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

I stay razor, will electrically only now:

I am Nassrasierer actually been around as long as I can remember, but try from time to time an electric shaver. Maybe I'll find a time that makes shaving more quickly, better, more gently.
Readers of my articles know that my skin is rather very sensitive and reacts quickly with a razor bumps. Nevertheless, I have tested the PANASONIC ES-RF31. Stiftung Warentest found him in December 2012 for good. Let's see if I get the same result ...

The ES-RF31 is a typical razor made by Panasonic: The shaving head is already more likely to be described as clunky. This is because the so-called the shaving head. 4-blade cuting system unites in itself.
A battery charge indicator when turning on and off indicates how much battery is still charged.

The ES-RF31 is a wet-dry shaver with some recent harassment. For example, to ensure a uniform pressure on the skin and so for a more thorough and gentler shave the 4-blade cuting system.
The 30 degree blade to ensure that the hairs are cut directly to the skin. The conventional 90 degree blade tilt the hairs and not cut so nautnah.
Arcuate shaving foil and the super-flexible shaving head to adapt to all facial contours and thus ensure a good shave at all difficult places.

For me, Panasonic promises too much here!
Compared to the dry shaving razor notice that the Panasonic always loses the contact with the skin and not so easy to slide down my face.
That's why I shave now always with a shaving cream. But here is enough a very favorable. While I have found skin redness during wet shaving with this cheap shaving cream, the Panasonic is the winner. No skin irritation !!! And with my sensitive skin. GREAT !!!

Shaving is the Panasonic also thoroughly: while after 2 days I felt a wet razor to have to shave again, my face is already almost three days stubble free. EXCELLENT !!!!

Unfortunately, I have but one point (and for me the important point) off: I can shave what I want and how I want to stay on the sides of the neck transition hair standing and continue to grow, so I yet again have to pick up the razor. TOO BAD !!!

Handling and comfort:
The PANASONIC fits comfortably in your hand. The gum also helps hold the razor when wet well. Shaving goes for me with shaving extremely easy (if you run the lateral neck area outside before).
The trimmer comes with me at the eyebrows to use and does a good job.

Skin compatibility:
Here wins the Panasonic for me in every respect: because in spite of my sensitive skin I have not found any skin irritations. This is the first razor, which has managed that for me. Even when dry shaving: no razor bumps and the like !!!

Cleaning is very simple: it is recommended it a bit soap gel on the shaving head, do the razor, then hold under running water: and clean!
Unfortunately, the drying of the blades is not so easy, so I let dry the razor to air dry.

Battery life:
So far I can not tell the Memorieeffekt and shaving every 2 days lasts me the batteries between 2 and 3 weeks, as well as specified by the manufacturer.
Charging goes with about an hour ago very quickly.

With about 66 euros a price performance winner !!! The Panasonic has made the shavers-past learned to me much: he sits comfortably in the hand, is super soft; shaving super thoroughly; the battery lasts a long time and is quickly recharged.
UNFORTUNATELY Panasonic must develop something that even my hairs that sprout stupidly at the lateral transition from the face to the neck are also collected and shaved !!! If I were to use only the Panasonic, these hairs would continue and continue to grow. That is not for me and that's why I prefer this one disadvantage 2 points from and speak but still a buy recommendation!

Very good 123 Rank: 5/5
April 16
Small, stylish and useful Rank: 4/5
January 20
Dentatix Rank: 5/5
January 31
Poor quality 39 1 Rank: 1/5
January 31

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