Jack of all trades, now with tip for strip problem

Jack of all trades, now with tip for strip problem

HP Officejet Pro 8600 Plus e-All-in-One inkjet multifunction printer (A4, printer, scanner, copier, fax, Documentary proof, WLAN, USB, 4800x1200) (Personal Computers)

Customer Review

Prior review: 01/05/2014

Update: There are follow-up to 8600 Pro (8610) and 8600 Plus (8620) appeared.

The HP Officejet Pro 8600 / 276w can almost everything for inkjet printers is possible today:

1. Comparison of the models

* Pro 8600 smallest model
* Pro 8600 Plus has a larger screen than the Pro "without Plus" is slightly faster, HP e-services offers and can automatically scan both sides and copy
* Pro 276dw understands in addition to the features of the 8600 plus even the printer languages ​​PCL 5/6 and Postscipt, but prints more slowly than the Plus

My tip: 8600 Plus, because the only costs 50 euros more than the 8600 without "Plus" and provides for significantly better features; the 100 euros difference between 8600 and Plus 276w only worthwhile if you really need PCL 5/6 or Postscipt (the normal Windows users will not even notice that this feature in 8600 is missing).

2. Common features and goodies

* Very fast printing (also in color; the fastest at the 8600 Plus), short warm-up time (even from standby, unlike the 8500, on the extent complained much was)
* Indelible print (ie unlike the 8500 series even highlighter resistant), no more smearing
* Effective printing (printing cost of just over 1 cent for S / W page)
* Good print quality with the correct paper (see below)
* Continue Printing, even if an ink cartridge is empty (most inkjet printers refuse today the pressure, even if only one cartridge is empty (eg no S / W pressure, although only the yellow ink is empty). This chicane (the purchase of to force ink) does not make the 8600 / 276w fortunately with. It is indeed remembered to buy ink, but the pressure is also possible. If the black cartridge is empty, if desired even a "Fast Black" for urgent print jobs from the other three colors mixed.
* Duplex printing
* Duplex scanning and duplex copying (not in 8600 without "Plus")
* Pleasant little scans (SW-page A4 with 20 kB; color pages also small, if one chooses compressed PDF)
* Fax with gimmicks (logging ban on junk faxes etc .; but I have not tried)
* Downloadable printer apps (eg, you can download without using a computer to Google Calendar or Google Docs documents and print)
* HP e-services (digital fax etc., nciht in 8600 without "Plus). After a single device on the PC scans and faxes received by the printer directly via the Internet to a network folder or any e-mail address can be forwarded faxes can also can be in parallel to print them. The Email service is SSL-compatible.
* HP ePrint (documents over the Internet Print). I also bought so for example my non-technical in-law a printer and can you send from anywhere in the world photos (eg directly from the iPhone) photos to your printer, which are automatically printed out there and they take only from the printer now needs. Because the printer is still online, it has not even turn on him for it.
* AirPrint (Printing with iPad and iPhone without the computer must be running).
* Borderless photo print (unlike Epson WorkForce 4535/4545 printers)
* Large, foldout touchscreen for easy operation; shows without a PC photos from memory card (however, if many pictures are on it, quite slow) and allowed without PC selection, some changes and expression of Photos
* Card reader (SD and - only in 8600 - Memory Stick) and front USB port for PictBridge (camera connection)
* Only about 2 Watt power consumption in standby
* Noise level acceptable (quieter than my laser, but vibrates more)
* Unlike laser printers no ozone odor and no toner dust exposure
* Connection to computer via LAN, USB or Wifi
- Tip: In order to read the memory card drive from the network, you can set it up as a network drive via \\ [IP Printer] \ memory_card.

3. Suboptimal

* Duplex scanning both sides not in one go. The blade is rather automatically pulled twice through the scanner (you do not have it so turn by hand, but it takes a little longer than that of a professional scanner, which scans both sides in one go). Tip: When scanner driver WIA driver and Twain drivers are installed. Scanning over Twain is much slower than via WIA, so better not use Twain.
* No manual paper feed for single sheets (eg if you want to print even a single photo or an envelope); Printer paper must always be placed in the large paper tray. That is, if you want to print a photo, you have the A4 paper take out, insert photo paper, the paper guide to the Fotoapier adapt (goes continuously to A4, eg even 10x15 or 13x18) and after photo print the whole thing again back (photo paper out, change paper guide on A4, A4 paper back inside). Remedy: Buy 2nd paper tray, see below.
* No CD printing.
* Compared to the incredibly richly varied touchscreen menu very spartan Windows printer driver with a few settings in 8600 (but also overall rather slim PC software; in previous HP models, the installation took forever and there was a lot of "garbage" installed; this is no longer the case; the printer is working even - as a scanner - via a web interface (Assigning best fixed IP address and then just enter it into the address bar of your browser) without the software from the installation CD)
* Somewhat picky when paper: With my laser I use the 80gr paper OfficeBasic Deutsche Post. The dislike of HP. Black looks rather dark gray and sometimes blurred something; the duplex is very shimmers through). In other types of paper, such as HP (also 80 gr) or Avery saw it (sharp razor and black) much better. For Ink duplex printing I would anyway recommend at least 90gr paper. For photos, HP recommends the "HP Advanced Photo Paper". That was in my way, as well as photo paper from other manufacturers, easily taken in and printed borderless.
* Photo quality mE just fine. The photos are partly colored little too intense and a little too dark, with a magnifying glass you can see also that the structures are not quite as fine as with real photo printers. Photo printers create here more color accuracy and finer contours. But the device is indeed an office and a photo printer and for domestic use (snapshots for grandma print) hands it all.
* Scan quality grds. okay but not as good in photos (too soft). For occasional photo scanning it is enough, who wants to scan a lot of photos or values ​​quality, a real photo scanner needs additionally. Is just an office printer and a photo printer.
* Model "Premium" (N911h with two paper trays) is not offered in Germany. A second paper tray can also be retrofitted (Nr. CN548A, around 50 euros. For the 2nd paper tray also see accessories tip below and my review of this product that I bought later me.

4. Geschmachssachen

* The housing is mostly not black but dark-bronze and some futuristic molded. Thought it was only a little funny. But you get used to it. Meanwhile, I find both really good. Definitely much better than a "piano black" finish, although also very fingerprint / dust-sensitive.
* The printer is quite large, but still smaller than most laser printers. Given the many functions the size is perfectly fine.

5. Problems and Solutions

TIP "STRIP PROBLEM": The printer sporadically occurs a copy Macke on (with me the first time after 1.5 years of use in October 2013): If you make a B / W copy from the original glass (eg from a book), are over the whole sheet strips (like a barcode) to see. For color copies or copies from the document feeder of this problem has not been reported.

* Solution 1 (awkward): You can send in the printer. HP then exchanges it. But that help may not be permanent, because it is a software quirk that can occur with any printer (even the replacement unit).

* Solution 2 (easy): Turn the printer off and unplug the power cord. Then plug the power cord back and turn on the printer. He then copied back neatly. Although this is not a permanent solution. But since the problem only occurs every year again, after all, a feasible workaround and does less work than the Returning the printer.

* The best solution would obviously be a firmware update from HP. But HP apparently did not get the problem under control or does not care sufficiently for it. That's weak for such a large company!

PS: Some users report yet from another "strip problem" (among them, the machine prints all 3 cm "strips" on the paper). I have two units in operation (one of them now, in January 2014 for exactly two years and with a printing capacity of approximately 8,000 pages). Neither will print any marks.

PPS: Also problems with the paper feed, I have not had an appreciable extent (with my main device I have about 1,200 pages scanned, including 900 from the ADF). Is that now and then a package of several pages does not feed properly (eg 2 pages at a time) may occur every year, but that's when my professional office copier also happened to me before.

6. Accessories Tips

* HP tray for OfficeJet Pro 8600 series inkjet printers (A4, 250 sheets) CN548A, just under 50 euros: worth it if you want to use two types of paper (eg 1 x DINA4 plain paper and photo paper 1 x). In the accessory tray, only the plain paper, which has the small disadvantage that the pressure of the first page takes a little longer. It is nice that the printer (for example, when printing from the iPhone app) automatically detects whether a photo or text comes and automatically chooses the appropriate paper.

* Ink: It makes the most sense, the black cartridge to buy separately (preferably 951 XL for around 27 euros, since the best value for money) and to the "HP 951 XL Value Pack" for the three colored cartridges ( which costs around 50 euros and additionally contains some paper free). There are other packs with three or four cartridges, but they are mostly still overpriced as printer ink anyway already is.

7. Overall rating

5 stars (lifted after six months of use 4). I would buy the printer at any time. Something for improvement but more: for example, could have the option to manually feed single sheets and a slightly better photo print (perhaps the ability to print on CDs) are added.

The review is often updated and improved by me. If she / you is helpful to you, I free me of a "helpful" rating. If not, I'm talking about objective criticism and take it like to. Many Thanks!

Holds firmly and securely! Rank: 5/5
January 24
A real gem 2 Rank: 5/5
February 9
getting used in practice Rank: 2/5
January 22
Super all-round protection Rank: 4/5
December 26
quiet ... but not very fast Rank: 3/5
May 15
Simple and effective 19 Rank: 5/5
April 7

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