Long-term experience rather negative

Long-term experience rather negative

Dyson Digital Slim DC35 Multi Floor Handstaubsauger (with 2 suction levels, 200W electric brush with carbon fibers, 22,2V) metallic (household goods)

Customer Review

First, a word first:

This is our third vacuum cleaner from Dyson and for my first Dyson Animal Pro I would have put his hand into the fire and made good advertising.

Unfortunately, we have submitted for the modereneren designs of the current lines and bought us two new Dyson.

One of them is the Dyson DC 35 described here Multifloor Handstaubsauger of Dyson.

We wanted a little dirt-prone relaxation area in our house, a slight vacuum cleaner for occasional use, so we do not have to carry something bulky full unit from the ground floor upwards.
This fills this model completely, the device is easy to carry and easy to handle, the suction power is just now so adequate for this area. At least you can live with quite low power. This one must also concede the size, other vendors can provide in this area no better performance.

But ...

The supplied electrical turbine nozzle was important to us since we have a few (easy to clean) carpets in the floor that we wanted to clean the device.

First, that succeeds quite well, of course, not as great as with the big Dyson, but still satisfactory.

After a few weeks we realized that the suction rapidly went down, not even small crumbs could be absorbed.
An examination of the turbine nozzle showed that hair was wrapped so tightly around the bust, that this resulted in a dense covering of the brush. In addition, the dust sucked through the suction port, the rotating brush completely added, so that no crumbs could be absorbed.

Well, I thought to myself, you have to stop the clean occasionally ... No sooner said than done, and it now also went back for a little while well.

In the meantime, it is so that the opening is added again after a very short time, you do not even make the whole floor with approximately 35m2 suction, because the opening is again added such that no more dust from entering through the suction pipe, and thus no dirt is picked up.

So it is not enough time to clean the vacuum cleaner before or after each vacuuming, but in between you have to remove the brush, and scrape with a tool the dust from the suction port.

This is totally unacceptable in such a dear device!

The Website is for the loss of suction great tips, you should still wash out the filter (the us is virtually dust-free, because the device is rarely used, and beyond so no dirt gets there, because the nozzle is always equal to is). or other bodies to be checked for consistency.

Unfortunately, none of this can help against the fast afflict the intake opening in the turbine nozzle can be cleaned properly to the because of the narrow inlet channel would not only after disassembly of the complete nozzle reached what I have, of course, refrain for reasons of product safety.

Overall, the sucker, and therefore also all others who use the same technology, not recommended. I'm curious to see how the support from Dyson will comment on that.

Too bad about the product, which delivers a decent performance basically.

A quick note at the end: the alleged here turbine nozzle can not be ordered in the rest as an accessory or spare part in the online shop of Dyson ...

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