No longer, however - Meets expectations

No longer, however - Meets expectations

Trotec TTK 70 S (max. 24 liters / day) Room size up to 48m² (tool)

Customer Review

We bought the dehumidifier because our bathroom is susceptible to moisture and thus mold due to lack of insulation. Especially in winter, it is hardly possible to obtain the bathroom dry morgends after showering, and finally, it is also not advisable to leave all day the windows open.

The device works broadly as expected. The main purpose, namely to get the bathroom (10 sqm) dry within a short time, it fully meets. Even then, when the dryer is running alongside, which also releases moisture into the room. For drying clothes I have not used the machine, so I can not judge that.

But there are a few points that bother me:
- It lacks a digital display. Instead, there are a couple of LEDs that indicate the operating mode and the humidity (Lo / Med / Hi). It looks cheap, and there are probably why no comfort functions, such as the exact indication of the relative humidity.
- In automatic mode, the controller maintains mE best if the dehumidification down, but not the ventilator for air circulation. Thus, the device is not suitable to be operated around the clock automatic mode, because the device is definitely not about going into a power saving mode in which at low humidity, the moisture is only now and then measured, and the dehumidification and fan only start when the humidity exceeds a certain value. For saving power and reducing noise emissions from the automatic mode is so hard to use. Therefore, the unit previously running with me always with the timer is set in Continuous mode.
- The material of the device is in my opinion cheap plastic. Some parts do not exactly a durable impression. There are also at least in the first few days significant exhalations which hopefully disappear with time.

Because of these drawbacks, I can not forgive only four points. An excellent product, that is a which you would like to ask in a housing and which meets the technical requirements not only just so, looks different. The price / performance ratio is relatively good, and I would buy the device again.

Cheap and good. 21 Rank: 5/5
March 18
Does what it is intended 89 Rank: 5/5
March 13
Hiking Joy Rank: 5/5
April 20
htc one hull cx Rank: 1/5
July 8
great! 1880 339 Rank: 5/5
April 27
The color does not match 3 Rank: 1/5
January 18

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