Stay away from ACME: after first flight itself defect as already talking about the "Flashback"

Stay away from ACME: after first flight itself defect as already talking about the "Flashback"

AirAce AA0150 - helicopters, Zoopa 150 IR Gyro 2.0 and Turbo (Toys)

Customer Review

As already is, I intended this model already the "Flashback" by the same manufacturer,
in which stopped working after the first flight of the tail rotor.
The same defect occurred while Zoopa150 now on also.
Even after repeated charge teamed up as nothing. If you have tapped the finger even think about it,
then he shrugged times briefly and then was right back rest.
When delivering already a screw addition was totally stripped.

I can only advise everyone: let the fingers of ACME and tried rather in Amewi,
Two friends of mine have now since about 2 weeks each a model of Amewi (once Level-X and even the Firestorm)
and flying is still super.

Best Quality! 12 Rank: 5/5
August 29
Although wait ... Rank: 4/5
March 4
Simple and effective 89 Rank: 5/5
May 23

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