Switch from Samsung Galaxy S3 to S5

Switch from Samsung Galaxy S3 to S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone (5-inch display, 16GB of memory, Android 5) charcoal-black (Wireless Phone)

Customer Review

After my Galaxy S3 more than two years had something under his belt and my contract expired, I decided on a new contract with Telekom, in which I got the Samsung Galaxy S5.

I use the Galaxy S5 now about 4 months, and am completely satisfied.
An iPhone I've never had and can therefore not even compare.

But what I can say:
All apps and processes running entirely smoothly.
Ruckzuck is' ne app started and ended just as quickly.
If you look at pictures, they will be loaded very quickly and the back and herswitchen between images also runs completely liquid.

The smartphone is equipped with a 2,5Ghz quad core processor and has 2GB of RAM.
My S5 I extended the space by a 32GB memory card.
I own the S5 with 16GB built-in memory.

The display of the Samsung Galaxy S5 is razor sharp and are the color of photos and videos perfectly again.
With a resolution of 1920x1080 pixels everything looks properly.

The smartphone is comfortable to hold and the size I find the right place.
May even bigger in my opinion it is not much to be (based on the successor).
All buttons are within easy reach. Only the touch button on the bottom left was a bit strange at the beginning, as these when S3 had a different function. ;)

16 megapixel rear and 2.1 megapixel front (for example Selfies or Skype).
The camera in good light and especially outdoors beautiful photos.
Of course, it does not replace a real camera, but it is sufficient, however, sufficient to shoot nice pictures.
The video quality can also be seen.
4K video can be captured by the camera, which are just great.
The triggering of the camera is very fast, which I really appreciate.

The battery lasts me at (at normal) use from morning to night 07:00 clock 23:00 clock.
I let him load whenever I sleep.
Toll I find that the battery does not take a long time until it is fully charged.

Miscellaneous / Features:
The fingerprint sensor is working properly with me, but I prefer to use my pattern to unlock the screen. ;)
The PayPal app supports the fingerprint sensor z. B.
So it is possible that instead of his password simply wipes the scanner and can be paid so.
Also worth mentioning that the Samsung Galaxy S5 is dust and water resistant.
One meter and a maximum of half an hour for survived the Samsung Galaxy S5 underwater. ;)
If that smartphone so accidentally fall into the toilet should not be afraid! : P
What is important is that the back and the cover are closed for the charging cable.

My Conclusion:
People who are looking for a well equipped, brisk Android smartphone with a great camera, be happy with the Samsung Galaxy S5 definitely.
Some of my friends have switched from iPhone 4S to the Galaxy S5 and regret the move under any circumstances.
In the end, it's probably a matter of taste, for which smartphone you choose.
With the Galaxy S3, I was very happy and therefore I chose the Galaxy S5.

From me there is 5 out of 5 stars and a strong buy recommendation! :)

Fits perfectly 64 Rank: 5/5
February 11
excellent value 161 Rank: 5/5
June 17
its ok for the price Rank: 4/5
October 15
Very nice topic Rank: 3/5
June 16

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