Take on the horror in space

Take on the horror in space

Dead Space 2 (Video Game)

Customer Review

This sentence is advertised on the back of the cover of Dead Space 2. Much more appropriate would be a sentence probably can not describe this game. I have Dead Space 2 risen since me the best in my view survival horror game had fallen into the hands of the predecessor. Never before has there been such a shock moments, dark atmosphere and violence in a game. The story of the first album was able to convince me completely, since although they of course can not be described as realistic, was very authentic and coherent in the context narrated and presented. Rarely have I felt so excited and eager for more after you play a game. Without hesitation, I bought Dead Space 2, to see if the developer of the Niveu debut at least not undercut, but much more to learn the story progression. Although the bond held for continuous silent protagonist Isaac Clarke, whose face we never got to see also, with two exceptions, within limits, but this did not detract from the story. And right here the first improvement: Isaac received both voice and personality in Dead Space 2, you feel with, and indeed every second. Not only voice, but also a slightly new look compared to Dead Space 1 and his whole character Isaac Clarke make the player immediately likable. Intelligent, sensible, but also heavily marked by the events of the past presented EA here his hero who wakes up three years after the events on the USG Ishimura in the Sprawl from a coma, a gigantic Titan Station on the largest moon of Saturn, roughly equivalent to an earthly city. He was interrogated about the events leading to the massacre on the giant mining ship and the destruction of the red marker, the Holy Grail of practiced in the Dead Space saga Church of Unitology Church, which, to a creation of the human race through a higher alien life form thinks led. He is mentally unstable, followed by horrible visions and the spirit of his dead girlfriend Nicole. These visions are always integrated skilfully into play. His condition is so dramatic that it is plugged into a straitjacket and sedated. After some time, however, exempt from a stranger who claims to want to help him. Anyone who believes that Dead Space 2 would now begin with an elongated opening to the stranger is wrong. The horror begins immediately. Necromorphs (already known from Dead Space 1 undead in Alien shape) overrun the Sprawl, who was still tied Isaac must escape and escapes narrowly. Now, however, I do not want to anticipate the story, it is just too good to be divulged here.
Basically it has remained very faithful to the line of its predecessor, but it has brought in some places pure fresh air, what the series is very good. On the one hand was not only an insanely Isaac authentic personality, but provides him also excellent supporting cast to the side, coming gradually to the train. Whether director Tideman, Nolan Stross or Ellie, they all fit perfectly into the picture and ensure dialogue and excitement to the game. Not that it would not have been the case in Dead Space 1, but here it was simply implemented even better. Another new feature is the expanded arsenal. Where they had already set new standards in creativity in debut, here you go one step further. Especially with the Harpunungewehr, players will befriend quickly. In addition, you have the Zero-G jumps replaced by dynamic fly through nozzles. Those are just the obvious changes, the whole game was heaped with improvements. But innovations alone do surely made no good game. What catches the eye again and again in the Dead Space series, is incredible attention to detail and the attention to the consistency of its own no matter how insignificant things. In Vorgämger there were many subtle shock moments, moving objects, shadows, noise, one was always afraid. Here that has been accomplished even more surprising basically. The plötlichen noises anspringe ends alarm clocks, televisions or faucets. All this leaves a constantly breath away, even if it is completely harmless, but what is often seen only at second glance. Opponents come, as already often mentioned by other reviewers, mostly in larger or smaller waves that bring a more than even sweat. But that's not always the case. Still jumping individual Necromorphs from ventilation ducts, windows or spaces. In addition, the number of opponents has become more diverse lot. There really everything, from the normal Necromorphs over acid spitting undead even mutated children, even infants. But not only in the point is made in Dead Space before anything and anybody that perversion was increased by a high degree, the border even more exceeded. But that is in no way meant negatively. the moments where you just stunned shakes his head are precisely those who have already identified the first fruits of what makes Dead Space so unique. In particular, the death sequences were tightened even more when compared to Part 1 and varies. Even the suffering of civilians under bystanders actually is even more emphasized here. Especially in the first half of Dead Space 2 one always sees people - men, women, children - to flee from the monsters or delivered them a chance. It is here forced to watch as innocent people mercilessly and brutally murdered niedergemetzlet and mutilated. This increases drama and drama of the game tremendously, but it is incredibly cruel. Blood, mutilation, despair, everything is driven here to the extreme. I can understand anyone who Dead Space 2 is harmless as part of tame 1. Gar is spoken here by a previous reviewer. In my opinion this is not the case, rather it is even harder than its predecessor. One wonders more than once if the developer is a perverse psychopath or a brilliant genius, surely precisely the combination of the two makes it that makes this game so fascinating. Often, the successor of popular video games are weaker than their Prequele, but here you have only maintained the level over. On the question of which, however, the two parts now better, but I answer ultimately with Dead Space 1, because it has simply provided the foundation for the best Survial horror game series ever, the now even media greifed in a novel and hitherto two appeared Anime movies (for all who want to learn about the contexts in and around the story even more, highly recommended). To briefly come to graphics, sound and extras: The graphics are very good, better than most of today's PS3 games. The sound is not only consistent, but also very well chosen and excellent terms of quality. The extras are very extensive, especially a short film in which zusammenhefasst the story of Dead Space 1 and a reconciliation is made to the second part, is a real treat. All in all, this game is really great class. Detail, story and Brutälität, nowhere I have seen so well implemented as in two Dead Space games. Finally, I would now like to tell you what now probably but each should be clear: this game is not for the faint of heart. I also came several times to the point, because I was the nausea close or simply could not believe what I was offered. But that's just positive. This game must take one and this is exactly why I am so impressed. I have never had such an intense gaming experience like here. It's like a feature film, authenticity and excitement here new meaning was given. At this point, I finish my review with the hope that soon more than a third part, and hopefully time to write a real film. The effort would be all worth it.

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