The 5th wheel on the wagon | Without food just superfluous as PS Move - it's time Sony

The 5th wheel on the wagon | Without food just superfluous as PS Move - it's time Sony

PlayStation 4 - Camera (Accessories)

Customer Review

"The Xbox Kinect, so we also need a camera."
Or so the ideas of Sony employees must have looked like.
But just having a camera makes far meaningful.

How does it look?
By design, of course, a big jump in retrospect for PS3 camera.
There are 2 cameras, one for the face detection and motion detection.
Overall, it should allow for depth perception hardware.
The light on the controller allows the exact message of the player's location.
In addition, you can also use the second camera to take while playing or to show friends.

There are several microphones (4 pieces) to support voice control and a small support for setting the right angle of the camera stand. What there is not is a holder for the TV, so that they can be mounted above the edge.
Optional there are here but to acquire mounts sale.

Unfortunately, the cable extends from the fewest in length and there is no USB cable that you can easily extend by a USB extension. The connection is a special PS4 AUX connector.
From cable inside her it resembles well USB3, but the connector is just not USBdie most unnecessary feature of this camera is herewith traced.
Clever hobbyists have the cables removed and replaced with a USB cable.
For this it requires a manual, a little skill and the art of soldering.
Just google if you are interested and you have no problem with the loss of warranty.
That there is no official extension cord is totally sad. Sony treats this product very neglected.

It has improved resolution in contrast to the Cam PS3
She has better micros, which is also voice commands to Good.
This works quite decent, however the number of voice commands is manageable.
Only for you so do not need it. A normal headset can also accept voice commands.
So one goes on the search for the meaning of this product.

Jafür half an hour you have fun here by shooting robot around the room or simply watch times in the inner workings of a PS4 controller where sichnatürlich are no battery or the like but little mini robot. ;-)
Very nice to look at, that's about it as well.
Playroom is free, which is a good thing.

Besides Playroom there are actually still an option A!
You can record yourself.
All Hobby Let's Player and people with urge to communicate will be pleased.
The camera twitch (recently an Amazon company) and Ustream connectivity.

Of course you can also order with his friends start a video chat, but how often do you do something?
And the craziest, you can watch also people in how they present themselves.
Do you have one weekend times boredom or want to laugh with friends, then looks definitely times in the streams of the community clean. Here everything romps what you can imagine or even previously could not imagine.
People answer the questions while drinking alcohol, the DJs your sets, people who film themselves while drinking with your friends while making nothing or people who want to talk about everything under the sun.
Hammer Some streams shred genuine, but most have a doubt on the human race.
Some will be better but secret. NSA and Co have certainly create a problem personality profiles. = D

Enough words.
Stand now the Cam is absolutely superfluous and again not thought through time.
With Kinect, there is at least from the beginning existence permissions in the form of games, you may also mostly not the screamer.

The price is out of proportion to the benefit and once again there is only announcements.
How long it has lasted the same was to Move support?
How successful was the whole?
And here shoveling Sony the next grave for a flop product.
Schadesollte be the change, which is so far not clear, then I give the whole course a fair chance.

For me, the camera bundle was there, you could also leave.
But sometimes you just only afterwards smarter.
There was no way to pay overpriced prices. There were times when people have paid 80 EUR for this camera because it was sold out everywhere. Absolutely incomprehensible and nonsensical.

For the quality, there are the 2 stars, there are, unfortunately, due to the current absurdity of the product is no longer.
Should this situation change what, I adjust the review.

Hopes rest on Project Morpheus (video glasses), perhaps it falls back, or rehabilitation of the Move controller. A gesture control was in any case announced but is also quite a while ago.
The Move controller I have however already we ausgemistetschauen time what to expect.

Do you have questions about the camera? Provides here and I'll take the matter to me.

Brand 1 Rank: 5/5
February 6
Max Gallo, the reign of cliches. Rank: 2/5
September 3
impeccable given the price Rank: 4/5
August 16

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