The Final Frontier by Iron Maiden

The Final Frontier by Iron Maiden

The Final Frontier (Limited Tin Metal Box) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

I've been here for over 30 years, Iron Maiden fan and Eddie accompanied me an eternity to my habit, the album covers, posters etc.
Because Steve Harris, I have begun to play bass, and I have the tape several times seen live and I still feverish each new release of the British counter joyfully.
But with this album I did my first somewhat difficult.
Not that I would bemoan as a hopelessly outdated the good old "The Number of the Beast", "Piece of Mind" and "Powerslave" times because I can definitely get used to the progressive alignment of Iron Maiden in modern times.
The sticking point is here (as well as on the discs above) of the sound you simply only be described as impudence.
It is a complete mystery to me how you can deliver a 2010 so dull, superficial, freed of any depth and dynamics of production.
I can not and will not simply admit that this was said to be the work of Kevin Shirley, so the man who was sitting at bands like Dream Theater and Aerosmith behind the controls and actually getting made an official job.
But since there's still the most interesting addition to the CD cover "Co producted by Steve Harris" of, so I've read, yes to have their own idea of ​​it has to sound like a Maiden album.
Should therefore be at the end have been even intention ??? And if so-why ???
The sound on this CD is neither original nor innovative but quite simply abysmal and cheap.
In order at all to gain access to the sometimes very complex and nested compositions with this disastrous mushy it only takes time to hear more than the shekel by the way also for the experienced listener.
Here all 10 tracks from "The Final Frontier" can be heard quite.
If you listen to the record and the individual title in Sound dress of "Somewhere in Time" or "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" imagines we would probably have to do here with a real showcase the work of progressive metal the front dynamics and musical finesse only would abound so.
And precisely this dynamic and refinement goes into this unspeakable sound mud lost, leaving the songs somehow even look sloppy.
In addition to complain about that is integrated an approximately 2 minute intro in almost every piece that will probably build up the tension (which, however, thoroughly goes in the pants) and when you unlucky then says goodbye to the track even with an equally long outro from his handset.
Almost any number works by artificially protracted and could be loosely 1.5-2 minutes cut out without the compositions would also be jeopardized.
On The Contrary !!! Would a little more reduced to the essentials do you hear well.
Here now is a brief outline of the album in my opinion.
The far too long intro of the CD and the title track, the strong start with drums and guitars, but then somehow is always bumpy and with a very diffuse transition initiates the title track.
Straighter, straighter, geschossener from the hip Rocker.Erinnerungen to "Cought Somewhere in Time" are wach.Sehr Good !!
The already pre decoupled Single download is a good Abgehnummer its opening riff something to "Barracuda" erinnert.Gute of the group Heart hook line, but unfortunately comes too late and too rare to Punkt.Trotzdem a listenable number !!!
Ballad starting the track comes first over something bulky and needs a few runs until it is the listener fully erschließt.Bruce Dickinson's vocals seem almost a little desperate and depressiv.Nach several passes like "Mother of Mercy" but quite.
A very catchy Song.Für me one of the highlights of Albums.Ein Rocker with great Melodie.sehr good Gitrrenarbeit and equalized guitar in the verses.
The Alchemist:
Also an outstanding piece of the hätte.Ein made on Virtual XI a good figure faster driving song with a great chorus.
A very complex, with a great melody featured song in the central part of the guitar parts in places easily jazz and Hendrix influences come across (so I feel at least) .A good song-but etws too long.
When Intro Bruce Dickinson shines with brilliant Vocals.Ein very good deal with many changes of tempo that somehow reminds me of a mix of "The X Factor" and "Seventh Son of a Seventh Son" (Moonchild, Infinite Dreams) and for me a progressive number is in the best sense.
The far too long intro conveys somehow slightly medieval flair before "The Talisman" by about 2.5 minutes !!! with a galloping rhythm finally picking up speed and absolutely convinced with his instrumental solo & part.
Another highlight, peppered with typical Maiden Trademarks, many tempo changes and ingenious riffs and breaks and Twin Guitars etc. Hammer !!!
Fantastic Long Track in the tradition of "Rime of the Ancient Mariner," Alexander the Great "and" Paschendale "Here is the essence of the album in 11 minutes gebracht.Eine to the point typical Steve Harris composition, varied and epic.
Here is just here by the quasi non-existent production much verloren.Schade !!!

Finally, one should maybe even add the composition and structure are similar in many song yet strong and Bruce Dickinson's voice often appears very pressed.
Actually a really good disc Iron Maiden modern times, if you take only the song material and especially the outstanding performances of Messrs Smith, Murray and Gers as a benchmark, loose 4 stars deserved.
But this dull, for a band like Iron Maiden absolutely shameful sound quality (each demo a newcomer feels better) degraded even the most brilliant track to an inconsequential series of tones.
My poor production has rarely been so spoiled the listening pleasure as in "The Final Frontier" is the case.
So my tip: Holt newly produce the ATEN producer Martin Birch back out of retirement and leave him the album again :-) That have something to work recently Canadians Rush with "Vapor Trails" and some time ago the band Nevermore with "Enemy of Reality "proved.
Then one would have to cut even the songs and especially prune the intros and already we have a really gutklassiges Maiden album as there is in the book.
But in this form it goes with me just for 3 stars.
Too bad because just as hardcore Iron Maiden fan, I would love to have awarded more stars.
The Limited Metal Tin Box I added myself right at the first day of sale is quite nice to look at but the higher price not really worth especially since it is out of sheet packaging is different and in no CD shelf passt.In this sense in nothing of the normal version:


Beautiful length Rank: 5/5
February 11
Price and delivery Rank: 5/5
April 22
Hilarious! 3 Rank: 5/5
February 13
Plastic low-end focus Rank: 3/5
November 19
New 2012 edition Rank: 5/5
October 19

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