Tricycles evolving too cocooning Smoby

Tricycles evolving too cocooning Smoby

SMOBY - 414007 - Outdoor - Toy vehicles - Tricycle - Baby Too Cocooning Green (Toy)

Customer Review

Hello, we bought it tricycles for 1 year our son, we did not really tested in different situations but already a few comments:
- Impeccable delivery and packaging
- It is really beautiful
- On mounting by following the instructions well and a screwdriver, count + or - 1 hour: it is reasonable
- In terms of scalability, we actually buy too late, the stroller position already be more than 1 year since baby insists on holding the handlebars, you must then bring the chair and put the pedals on front wheel if the wheel hits the block footrest. And the problem is that if baby is already large enough to hold the handlebar, it is not enough to pedal, so the feet tend to either hang or to hit the pedals during the walk, straps for pedals could solve this problem. This should quickly work out, by the time the baby takes good habits.
In conclusion, very nice, comfortable and safe tricycles enabling quick use. Ideal for enjoying the scalability is actually to acquire from 8 months from a year, a more conventional tricycle (and therefore possibly less expensive) with harness and roll cage seems enough.
This thank you for reading, I hope this review will help you in search of the perfect tricycle.

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