unfortunately did not hold any six months

unfortunately did not hold any six months

IP68 junction box 3-pin (Misc.)

Customer Review

Short info about me: I am not a trained craftsman, but as far as my free time allowed around the house several smaller jobs such as plasters or electrical installations homemade. I would therefore quite adept called artisanal, but also know my limits. ;-)

In the summer I have rescheduled the concept of my land lines in the garden area and found that the originally installed underground cables are too short. I saw to replace the cable too short to full length looking forward when I learned of the opportunity to extend underground cables with a corresponding box under the ground. After a quick search I came across this product and the little sister with the 3 poles and ordered both, as I had to extend a five each, and a three-wire cable.

When the delivery arrived, I was pleasantly surprised by the processing. The whole thing looks very high. Installation was pretty easy at the 3-pin. In the five-pin one has a bit more fiddling, because the space is very limited. However, it works quite well. After all lines were connected in the box, I have the boxing well and sealed with the Schraumverschlüssen and dug both about 1/2 feet deep in the earth a.

The whole installation kept the summer and rainy autumn very good and safe. But in recent weeks, I noticed 2 times that of the RCD was flown out of the outdoor circuits 1-2 times. I led the first on the perhaps exaggerated Christmas lights, sat the FI on again and thought nothing here. The big trouble came on New Years Eve. Just then where you want to have actually its exterior well lit, flew with me the FI out repeatedly. I thought it was again the Christmas lights and pulled out everything. That helped but nothing and the FI is switched off again. Since I could rule out all other sources of error around the house, the suspect came up, that something with the junction box must be and I took a spade and dug the pits again. When I arrived in the pits, I could already see the problem: The box was broken apart undzwar connects directly to the piece as the screw into the pits. Inside, everything was wet and tidy charred by the various shorts that I must have had (hence the FI of rausflog repeatedly). I was very glad that I did not put the box under plaster or other permanent structures and may recommend that it invests more readily available such fasteners as far as possible each only.

I unfortunately only brought trouble this box. Now I'm going to get a junction box that can be filled with epoxy resin and sealed installing airtight and watertight. To Fairniss I have to say that I use the 3-pin box have not (yet) no problems. But I am at least prepared the next short circuit in the garden area and know where I have to dig.

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