Very good, if you know what this is about.

Very good, if you know what this is about.

Nikon 1 V3 System camera (18 megapixels, Tilting 7.5 cm (3 inch) TFT display, Eletronischer image stabilizer, Full HD movie recording, WiFi, microSD memory card slot, USB, HDMI) Kit incl. 10-30mm Lens + Electronic viewfinder and handle (Electronics)

Customer Review

I have the V3 with viewfinder and grip for 2 months and have already fired more than 6,000 photos. Anticipation, this time I did not buy from Amazon, because the price was at least 10% higher than the competitors. Otherwise, Amazon is often my house and yard supplier.

The V3 I bought to relieve my back. Especially with photographic works, or tasks that do not need to have the last bit of quality. Furthermore, I will show most of the photos online or on monitors / televisions. For this edition the media V3 delivers a very good quality to ISO800. It is true, what is written about the "noise susceptibility". It is true that it is fast and it is true that a full frame sensor delivers better image quality (BQ). But who can understand what impact a small sensor with many small closely spaced Pixelchen the BQ, who knows that already. And precisely for this reason, I can only say: Chapeau Nikon, a very good development of the V1 and V2 models. This also applies to the good operability. Who, like me, often works with professional housings Nikon comes with the V3 housing and the operation way quickly. The viewfinder and especially the grip are a must have.

I mention here are not again the already known and often mentioned plus and minus points, but only mention what I personally noticed subjectively and is important.

The viewfinder and the display:
I could not imagine at first to photograph without a viewfinder. Why did Nikon to expand the viewfinder? So I wrestled first during the purchase decision. Meanwhile, I have not only got used to it, but to see it even as an advantage to be able to detach the viewfinder.
Although the viewfinder provides a very good picture, I find myself now that I more often use the folding screen. Thus, unusual perspectives can inter alia take back friendly.

The viewfinder has its place and is very helpful in long focal lengths (especially with the 70-300). Until 100mm I get along very well without a viewfinder. In particular, the cam is then more compact. The folding screen - for me the first of its kind - I really enjoy. The Touch AF function has what and works reliably.

The Handle:
This is the camera very comfortable to hold. This is the case of larger lenses (eg. B. 70-300) very beneficial. The additional trigger button provides the familiar DLSR feeling. Furthermore, it was the handle still donated a freely programmable function key. This is laudable, unfortunately, brings in practice very little. Here my first request to Nikon: please a firmware update with more choices for the function keys.

The battery
Sufficient, sufficient. Partially over 1500 pictures on one battery charge. No Problem. Yes, on a day when I durchfotografiere. Nevertheless, I have an additional battery, no two even gained me, if I did not get a chance to recharge empty battery on holiday or on various tours.

The image quality
Since I'm used to the BQ a D800 / D810 I can not be happy with the BQ of V3. But that's an apples and oranges comparison. I am excited about the significant improvement in the BQ against the V1. This is easily recognizable. The V3 has now, because of the many Nikon 1 Nikkor, conquered a worthy place. They can really recommend in good conscience. The resolution of 18 MP, although given only theoretically, it is closer to max. 10 MP felt, yet they have enough even to be able to still live well with clean exposed 50% cuttings. Here's another appeal to Nikon: please introduces 14-bit color processing for the V3 or V4 later. Although it thus becomes slower. The user can choose between two modes yes. Thanks.

Noise. Yes. And? Small sensor, great noise. Is just the way. Yes, the Sony RX100III with 20 MP is less noisy. Everything is right. No contradiction - at 100% always visible. Whoever looks at his pictures at 100% no Cam must buy small sensor. I recommend this at least mm format or medium format. ;-)
That's why Nikon is in the J5 and later V4 install this Sony sensor or better. I suspect. What is, what features have the next Vx are rather decided on / for Asian and American markets. Because there money is made properly. Europe must in this case likely to look. Is just so and you will have to get used to it.

The AF:
Well, he's fast. But at sports event, I often missed the lock-on function. It ensures that the focus is not lost when a disturbing object in after a short run between the subject and camera. While I've only used 10 bps (I need more rarely), but here the AF could really reliably follow the motif. My favorite setting is the single focus point with face detection and AF-F or AF-A.

The housing
valent, stable, robust, compact. Without viewfinder, no handle, only the PD10-30 and V3 disappears inconspicuously into my jacket pocket. The housing for my relatively small hands, the right size. Therefore, it is for me totally undramatic that V3 is still a good deal more compact than the V1. And more beautiful than the V2 V3 is always to look at.

Wifi function
A nice gadget. It could be more if Nikon the corresponding app finally enriched with useful functions or a SDK for developers (eg DSLR dashboard) would provide. The app is indeed free, but also almost no function. It can be photos on the smartphone transmitted (such as fine ... ;-)) and the cam with live images (still) far trigger. That was about it. Interval Shooting, Timelaps & Co are indeed installed in the V3 menu (very good), but it should still be some photographers who want to do more. Please, please Nikon, give out an SDK or evaluates the app on. You may indeed cost what, but please with good useful functions that make Nikonianern joy.

Video function
so I work infrequently. The AF works here quite well and quietly. It seems to me here the video function, especially in the AF function to be better than the DSLR. The slow motion feature is fun, but nothing you ever needed when one sees himself more as a photographer. In this respect also miss no 4K video. 14bit color processing are important to me here, as mentioned above.

My favorite lens:
If it should be light and compact. the PD10-30. While no filter thread but it is so very quick and easy to move.
I love to use the 70-300. I can only recommend this Zoom Monster. I can take the V3 with the 70-300 to a D810 with Tammy 150-600. Especially in the upper zoom range of 70-300 V3 me could convince more. With 13x18 prints rather irrelevant.
The 1.2 / 32mm is the lens that brings out of every Nikon 1 sensor everything. Must have.
All other lenses I use the time rather occasionally. But photography season still has not even begun.

The camera bag:
Yes, which is now much too big. I got myself a significantly smaller bag and now have lenses from 18-810mm equivalent in miniature "pouch" and reach less than 2 kg of luggage. A fact that was me in choosing Nikon 1 also very important. Compact and light = bad back without too many compromises in image quality and speed / autofocus.

What annoys me most (s):
Until the camera is ready for use after switching on, is definitely too long in my opinion. I get the more than 2 seconds ahead like an eternity. Half the time would have done it. I suspect intention here. After all, the Nikon 1 line is close to it, many Nikon DSLR abzugraben the water.

The Nikon confidently requested price is already a house number. But I'm already loose a D5500 with kit lens.
Anyone toying with the Nikon 1 system and may waive the Bedienungshaptik a professional DSLR and previously used was always on the screen to shoot fetches the J4 or probably forthcoming J5 (unofficially). Whom the previous DX and FX cars too large, were too heavy and unwieldy, acquires with the Nikon 1 V3 is a well-engineered system. Whether he gives up his DSLR, or like me, Nikon 1 looks as a supplement remains entirely up. The V3 is also available with the many Nikon 1 Nikkor really always with a camera. Because a picture is only a picture if I could make it, because I had a Cam case. In such unexpected moments the Nikon 1 provides more loose BQ from, as the always accompanying smartphone.

Who still has a V1 with lentils and was not sure whether this system has a future, which I must say that if it should be a compact system camera Nikon, the V3 is a good investment. But you can not replace "real" DSLR. That should be known when it is customary 100% -views.

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