What kind of toy - reduce to the max !!!

What kind of toy - reduce to the max !!!

Pebble Smart Watch for iPhone and Android (Black) (Wireless Phone Accessory)

Customer Review

About purpose of Smart Watches one can aptly discuss and I thought the whole thing nonsense. Held despite my undeniable technique affinity I was also the fact that I actually rather demanding wrist wear - for example Citizen Promaster. Also, Samsung Gear is a huge Klopper wrist which is not at all easy. Each shirt will hang. Sony is nice, but also huge. Waterproof the parts are not even. So leave it on the beach? Remove before showering? Sport is not when you sweat heavily? No Thanks !! And no-go was ultimately always the low battery life - a weekend should do the trick. Now me hats yet caught. Why?

Now, the Pebble is (relatively) small, waterproof (up to 50m, so even for swimming) Watch Faces (= dial designs) and other apps has a growing fan base, the so-called hard-working. Produces and keeps them up to a week through. Also good: The time is always visible, the lighting is needed only in the dark (or you have chosen a very filgrane view.
This is made possible through the e-book process, so similar to the e-readers - hence the design is exclusively black and white.
The clock is sensationally light, all plastic. The display should be extra hardened - I still old-Smartphone Screen Protector cut a sheet - is good, keeps well so far and harm in doubt nothing. The bracelet is very flexible - a simple plastic / rubber band, like a diver's watch. I habs just opposite a standard 22mm bracelet emersed, bringing the Pebble then something delicate and "normal" acts.

The connection to the smartphone (Samsung S4) works awarded, also the Reconnect if you came from the Blutooth-range (at home and in the office I have the phone not always in his pocket ...) goes quickly and safely. Charging is unfortunately only with the special cable, which is, however, due to the water resistance - the "plug" keeps outside of the clock by magnetic fixed. Smart and works!

Ads do the maximum Pebble everything appears to messages on the smartphone - is all set. This is also downloaded and installed no witchcraft, based app from the Play Goals, which declares itself. It makes sense to equal a few tools, in particular the Pebble Notifier, which makes the setting of notifications breeze. Very nice also Pebble Bike - Pace and Distance wrist is cool. For running out of the box funzt RunKeeper awesome - easy to install on the phone and is good. Pebble shows everything fine.

Here is also the "hook": The Pebble can itself very little except the time - it is all from the smartphone "developed" and forwarded to the Pebble. But you must not therefore itself "expect", that makes the phone. Well, that depends on the other hand, of course, the term for good. And the operation with the four buttons is actually sufficiently guaranteed.

Soon it gets a new firmware (2.0) give the additional functions implemented yet - because it will be interesting!

Conclusion: ME there currently nothing more practical - long term, waterproof, small and lightweight, comfortable to wear (by other bracelets) and a growing number of apps is the Pebble a real unique selling point.

And quite honestly: Who wants to seriously telephone his clock or make complicated inputs on a Micro-touchscreen (with a SDK2 app can install a calculator - what's that supposed to ???) ?? For more than to display mobile data and the indexing of the song, for that matter, the volume, the Smart Watches are not fit anyway. And that's what makes the super Pebble.

Addendum March 2014:
Now the first official 2.0 firmware is there - the way there was not easy, but now the Pebble is but their potential needs. The data offered are varied - weather, stock, music, e-mails and SMS (now also as a list) and Apps and Accessories also pulse, distance, speed - hardly something that can not be represented. Whether you need anything? The must - but can - each personally choose.

Technically, I do not mind even noticed negative: I had no crashes, no problems with the display, or whatever else should have occurred so sporadically. The housing does not have any scratches, despite now every-day-use also to the unprotected areas. Battery also keeps unchanged by 5 to 7 days ago.

So continue: Thumbs up !!!

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