You said black like reading!

You said black like reading!

A Cry in the Night (Paperback)

Customer Review

I put a little time to read A Cry in the Night, not because I have not liked the book, on the contrary, I was too caught up in history. Yes this is weird .. But you must know that history is heavy, dark and really oppressive. Read this book deals dune métait impossible. Otherwise I would have fallen into paranoia.
In short, the manner described is not so much I nsais but it comes very well (too perhaps?) To put ourselves in the place of Jenny. One becomes mad with her, suspected everyone and nimporte which both. We do not know, like her, to differentiate between reality and madness. The more we advance, the more pages and spend more das we enter the black side of history and weighing.
For lovers of suspense and psychotic readings, throw at you without hesitation, if it is not already friends !!

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