a pretty novel, moving and dynamic

a pretty novel, moving and dynamic

The Last Conquest of Major Pettigrew (Paperback)

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What it has going for it with the books So British is that they are precisely So British!
Amateurs dEarl Grey or Grand Yunnan, scones, biscuits and ginger marmalade, The Last Conquest of Major Pettigrew is for you. Romantic, funny, ironic, quirky and warm, we spent a great time!

Everything starts with a death: Major Ernest Pettigrew, retired from the Royal Sussex, is under shock after the announcement of the death of his brother Bernie. Shock which is why it receives Ms. Ali (Jasmine his first name), owner of the grocery store dEdgecombe Saint Mary, dressed in flowered dressing gown of his late wife After his death, Major will gradually get her life in question sinterroger on family ties and concepts dhéritage on his relationship with his ambitious and careerist son but especially take a fresh look, sharper even on those that surround it. While both widowed and lonely, Ernest and Jasmine will then take the habit to discuss literature, poetry but also everything and anything around a cup of tea. But far from pleasing dEdgecombe inhabitants, this roughing romance upsets propriety and divides the well-meaning ladies from the village But far from letting sen count, our two heroes will raise their heads, to deal with gossip and try to overcome prejudices simply BE happy.

Helen Simonson offers us both a classic and original devilishly romance (yes, this is possible). Our heroes have their sixties, are not really carried on the great declarations of love in the rain or movie kisses breathtaking. Yet they have this old-fashioned charm, blend of tradition, morality, and daudace also irony and lucid, a disillusioned making them immediately sympathetic. Ms. Ali is a breath of freshness, dexotisme, lightness that sparkles amid the tweed jackets and well-behaved wool skirts of English ladies. It is easily understood that Major falls under its spell. Dautant which hides a love of books, belles lettres, fine intelligence and a biting irony that find a nice chord with our Major lonely. Sinstalle friendship that evolves into them gently, modestly to a story of love and it is nen more magical. Ernest will be bold when necessary and Jasmine also dare saffranchir its obligations and family straitjacket that would like to see it back in the mold of the perfect, obedient and discreet Pakistani widow. You wash understood our heroes are on their way to real rebels and this gives rise to situations drolissimes, grotesque limit! Clash of cultures Guaranteed: English, Pakistanis, they will be moved by our damn unlikely couple.
Helen Simonson has a rare dune feather elegance, everything flows with ease and lets lon fully embark on his story. It mixes dark humor and emotion, with a touch of British class this fantasy that makes us want to smile at the beginning of the end, unable to let go of the book. She crunches in turn with severity or indulgence an English company sometimes so stuck in its principles which sees nen more inconsistencies. Cowardly or courageous, gossips or discrete, moralizing or bold, each character will reveal much more complex that it appears ny and all will have at one time or another make choices, and take part simpliquer.

The Last Conquest of Major Pettigrew is a novel that really deserves BE read. He exudes such charm sen that he can not touch you and if at the end of the book you want a cup of tea dune / dembarquer clandestinely in a ferry to Dover / viewing an episode of Barnaby (it also works with Miss Marple ) / to rent a cottage in Sussex, this is normal, this is the effect Pettigrew!

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September 16
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December 3
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