better than Ocarina of Time?

better than Ocarina of Time?

The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword (Video Game)

Customer Review

The Legend of Zelda ... First of all, congratulations on your birthday. Many fans have accompanied you faithfully for the past 25 years and fever
the latest offshoot of your glorious series meet for some. Including me.
Friday I held my newest Zelda game in the hands, at noon today, is the guy across the screen of my focusing screen flickered.
All weekend I have [other than physiological needs] done nothing more than to play this game.
And I must say one thing: WOW. That's all there really is not to say.
It's a long time since a game has me so deeply impressed as this branch of the Zelda series. Why? I'm getting now. [No spoilers]

You start the game in the cloud Hort where Link and Zelda live a normal life with friends and family.
But there were other spun threads of fate for the two and so the tragedy takes its course.
In order to avert the impending doom, Link must mature for the most heroic, this world has ever seen.

Game mechanics:
It is not at all like to believe, but here has been much good stuff done.
The RPG-share was significantly ratcheted up, which manifests itself in many game elements.
First of all forms Links home cloud Hort a clear retreat point throughout the adventure, return to the her repeatedly have to make new arrangements.
After all, the opponents have become much tougher. Even Bokoblins block already strong and pull at one stroke a whole heart. That's why you start with 6 instead of 3 of them.
Nevertheless, you have to improve the cloud Hort repeatedly its objects, repair his shield [who now has an energy bar that always reduced if to ward off without perfect counter-block] and buy potions and refine. This is sorely needed, lest the backside you will spank. In addition, now ingesting potions happens in real time and the card system was improved. You can now specify in the upper world a point, then a flare appears on which you can now drive without a second glance at the map. A more convenient card system can no longer be imagined.

The world is this time the sea of ​​clouds hovering over the your home in the air. With your cloud bird you travel the different places in the game.
There are beautiful areas in Erdland and also the sea of ​​clouds [clouds and Hort] itself is crammed to the brim with secrets and mini-games.
However, there are other than said cloud Hort Although other civilizations and also a handful of friendly creatures, but no real towns or villages.
This makes but nix. The cloud Hort, is so full lovingly designter characters, the you will like to remember. You can enter every house and the day-night cycle itself determine [put through to bed and to sleep at night] to perceive various tasks. You can talk to each inhabitant and each has at some point in the main quest a job for you.
For orders fulfilled gets her useful collectibles such as bottles, heart parts and treasures and jewels of goodness, their crystal become gratitude that can trade you for a certain "someone" for valuable gifts.
In the fields themselves, there are then certain exploration tasks, such as so-called Aurensuche, where you have to track it on funny way objects, or the location itself plays like a kind of top world-labyrinth.
Upon entering and exploring a section do you imagine then a typical series Dungeon [or every now and then another test].
Oh, and one more thing: Collect rubies! Hortet rubies. You need it necessarily. They are no longer as superfluous as in some other offshoots.

Absolutely brilliant. Really incredibly good. I know I fall here in superlatives, but such a dungeon design there was no Zelda part.
Angestaubte standard fare, as constantly shifting blocks or torches are light passé.
Skyward Sword offers clever puzzles and riddles, which must always be solved logically and their coping draws a feeling of great satisfaction to himself.
Each dungeon has its own theme and thus remains was a memorable. Field Typical puzzles support this even further.
The atmospährische density is further increased, the temple indeed have not so many rooms, but the single rooms have a lot more puzzles
dungeon the whole structure is consistent. This ensures an enormously immersive gaming experience.
And the fights against common opponents a lot of fun. The new control system, to which I have come, they feel very different from all predecessors.
The bosses ... oh ... my ... God .. are fantastic!
Due to tightened Combat difficulty they are finally interesting and appealing even great designed and have epic names.
You're going to look forward to every boss like a little kid.

By combining the styles of Wind Waker and Twilight Princess a timelessly charming graphic style was created which exploits the Wii technically well.
Everything seems all of a piece and the wonderful world is full of characters whose appearance and personality will mercilessly flog in your brain.
And you will enjoy it.
The whole game actually looks like the moving painting an impressionist artist.
How Nintendo has promised.

Finally orchestrated! And even so beautiful! Again and again I have been listening attentively and also getting caught me,
as I have been humming the theme tune to myself hours after exiting the game.
It's been a while since me such enchanting music has come across.

The works, contrary to all fears of skeptics, perfect.
All items can be meaningful and catchy control with movements of the Remote.
This works so well that some parts of the game, like the flight of birds, just why are fun because they are just controlled by tilting.
The many mini-games all feel fresh and new to the motion controller.
Even if you really want to continue the main job, it gets stuck again to complete only one of the funny motion minigames.
Yes, so much fun Skyward Sword.
Holds the sword control what one has promised her. While the chops are clear and without too much hassle carried out by you, they are transferred 1: 1 to Link.
This is also notwenig, because you have to carry all clear the bats in order to break through the good coverage of the opponents can.
After a certain period of acclimatization you will The Legend of Zelda never again want to control differently and above all the fights and the goals come to you in any other Zelda games simply cheap before.

Even if ye shall stubbornly focused on the main story you have more than 30 hours of gameplay.
However, there have been no more Zelda with so many side quests since Majora's Mask.
By minigames, collectibles, exploring, upgrades, bottles, heart and parts orders from fellow you come again and again on your heroic destiny.
I think I've never seen in any game where the story was so captivating, still wasted so much time with Nebenkram.
If you want the 100% crack, ye must adjust to much more than 50 hours. The game has a long playing time and a high replay value.

Incredibly beautiful. The relationship between Link and Zelda in this game has done it with more. Moreover, it follows the story of Zelda Skyward Sword is not the usual model,
but tells a poignant story about raschene and, heralding the era of Hyrule credible.
Quite so, how the desires of an Origin Sory.
Never links development from boy to hero epic was told.
Towards the end I then had a fat lump in my throat and had to push away one or two little tears.

[will be happy the fans] more little things:
Link can run
-er wearing pants
-on ladders and vines is now possible to jump
Link comes up much higher walls
-er generally acts sporty
-man need all items that can be found in the dungeon, repeatedly

Yes, that should really go here ... But this game offers so many situations and moments that are not to take this form into words really.
But to answer my title question: No, Skyward Sword is no better than Ocarina of Time. At least not for me.
Ocarina of Time 3D has ushered the era of the action-adventure genre, and I associate with this game so many memories ...
But: Skyward Sword comes from all Zelda games that have come since the release of Ocarina of Time in 1998 on the market 13 years ago, the next.
If I were now so old as I was then, when I played Ocarina of Time for the first time, Skyward Sword would definitely become my favorite game.
Even so, it ends up in second place.
Hmmm, the Rezi's become quite long. But I could talk for hours about how much fun Skyward Sword does, how it drags one, how big, how beautiful and how phenomenal this game, but I do not want to continue to annoy you.
Instead, I end with it:
Zelda: Skyward Sword is revolutionizing and reinventing, namely a series of games, which was considered in recent years by many to be dusty.
Due to the many small and large changes the game is modern, fresh and new, at the same time but also familiar pleasant.
And The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is characterized not only [by far] best game of the year, but also a masterpiece and a modern classic of video game art.
Every gamer who thinks highly of itself, should have played it.

My favorit 2015 Rank: 5/5
May 8
Finally there ... Rank: 5/5
December 6
Delirium guaranteed! Rank: 5/5
November 22
Good quality overall Rank: 4/5
December 9

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