Do what you want but with Weaknesses / Limitations

Do what you want but with Weaknesses / Limitations

Logitech Harmony 300 Universal Remote Control (People's remote control) (Accessories)

Customer Review

Principled: the Harmony 300 is the entry-level model. For the price you can not complain about principle, it works solid and programming (mandatory on PC / Internet - without going nix) has clean albeit laborious / tedious work (all of my devices were available in the database, even my already in the Yamaha RX-V3000 years Come AV receiver).

All in all, do that thing which is what it is, but there are some limitations / disadvantages that you should know before you decide on the Harmony 300:

1. The Harmony reacts with rapid pressing really slow: ie. with repeated, rapid keystroke (z. B. when you scroll through program listings) the key commands are indeed "noted" but executed only with significant and noticeable delay and sent to the device. So it happens that the tuner still further on and processes input while you hit ever for a few seconds nothing, which is a little irritating, since the exchange or entries on the screen in menus time not suitable for pressing ( with the original remote controls there this time lag NOT).

2. The programming is done via an Internet online application via USB connection. This app is simple and foolproof to use but also a bit awkward to use. One can eg. As not record multiple commands directly via the infrared interface in a row (this is necessary when certain keys / commands are not present and initialized) but you have to program each button has its own menu item, bennennen, save, quit / return start the main menu and then on the next key record back again ... so does a work that is normally done in 5 minutes fast 3 times as long and tough / difficult.

3. my devices were indeed all in the database and predefined, but some or many depending on the device buttons / functions were not or not properly defined to the selected device. So to get to the manual programming of the recording of each key commands not help and this is a bit cumbersome (see item 2).

4. Due to point 3. Harmony is therefore not suitable for people who have the original remote is lost (or if it is broken). As I said, the default is for example. at a Technisat HD S2 digital satellite receivers absolutely incomplete and it therefore needs a working original remote control to use all the keys to program / use!

5. Warning for owners of AV receivers: there are (hardware) no key for the source / input selector on the receiver, you can indeed this free 4 "Favorites" button ("1" - "4") for any purpose for which most AV but Receivers have a lot more than 4 inputs switchable - this one would have completely "foreign" keys such as set the number keys (and of course loses its function!).

6. If you want to some standard keys equal and z. B. on all 4 controlled devices across occupy / use, you have the commanding officer to record 4 x new and 4 x show (it is not possible to reuse pre-recorded commands Device across in programming ), but which is not a limitation but only with difficulty in programming.

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