Fantsy without romance .... who would have thought that something like this still exist?

Fantsy without romance .... who would have thought that something like this still exist?

Shadow Warrior - The Shadow Cabal (Amazon Instant Video)

Customer Review

**** Please note: Spoiler ****

If you so looking through the Instant Video library, you will find much of what you have already seen. If one looks to be found but little fantasy. And then you come across a movie, although completely unknown, fairly decent reviews has retracted.

I am much accustomed. The Fantasy Films who I really liked, can be counted on one hand. This is also not budged-question because Dungeons & Dragons or The Hobbit succeed despite millions not deliver an acceptable figure.

So what do you get when you look at The Shadow Cabal? Classic fantasy. Orcs, dwarves, elves, magic, an evil god. From Plott ago, the film is so ever anything completely new. So what makes the movie worth seeing?

- Authentic Characters: Revenge possessed elf, a Humorous Orc .. Simply break times from the clichés. This has worked out well here. And the friendship between orc and elf looks as good as the dwarf and elf in between another film ;-)

- No Romance: They exist, the films make do without the love story! Frauenschaft and adventure!

- Really cool fighting: Not Legolas-default, but really nice to look at. The final battle was weak, that was son budged thing. Can I get over.

- Good costumes, sets and pretty: The landscape is beautiful and the costumes as well. For ne production of the caliber because you can expose nix it. The Orks see better than in LotR.

Quite clear who is CGI horny, looking over-fighting or LotR as a yardstick is not here at his own expense. You can see the price range of all digital animations. But that makes a good film not worse. Who here does not bother who has a really interesting fantasy stripes.

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