For Bon Jovi- fans a nice Special Edition

For Bon Jovi- fans a nice Special Edition

Greatest Hits - The Ultimate Collection (USB stick) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Was hoping for more of it. The stick was easy "slippery" in the packaging and unfortunately not nearly as bright in color as advertised. It's actually almost black with slight color contrasts. Content, I can not mind but say who thinks he would get it here, among other things with the "The Greatest Hits" DVD option to do, is wound incorrectly. Here is when the video option at the Bon Jovi- videos officially published! The stick works for me exclusively via the computer. All other devices that I own (which are many with USB function), the drive can not read. This can be explained if one has to stick 1x read on the computer - it is very compact with many Internet options. If you're a Bon Jovi- fan and has a penchant for special editions, I would buy it. Who wants to have only a Greatest Hits Edition, buys the CD better. Anyway .................... have fun with it or not ................

Ideal as a gift Rank: 4/5
December 17
super 1826 Rank: 4/5
February 12
REMOVU screen for Gopro Rank: 3/5
March 15
perfect for creating packaging Rank: 5/5
August 6

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