Good but not perfect for me

Good but not perfect for me

Zwilling Twin Pollux 30795180 Chinese chef's knife (housewares)

Customer Review

For more than 10 years I have worked in the kitchen almost exclusively with Chinese cooking knives. So far I've owned two inexpensive from the Asia-Laden. These were unfortunately quite quickly blunt. Therefore, I was not quite satisfied. Due to the good price-performance ratio I have now decided to use this knife by ZWILLING. Compared to my old China knives the quality of ZWILLING TWIN Pollux is significantly better. The blade is thin, straight and much sharper and more durable. The knife is also much lighter (only 290 g). It is possible to work with it faster, more accurate and less tiring. With 18 cm long blade is long enough for most jobs.

I also wondered whether I might be a knife with Japanese blade steel DETERMINED because they are a little sharper. But I think the focus of the European steel knife used here is enough. In addition, the grinding gets easier. Apart from a Chinese chef's knife from Japanese blade steel is very rare and very expensive (Shun) and would not be true to style, because a Chinese chef's knife has nothing to do with Japan or Samurai swords.

Unfortunately, the handle of the knife in my hands is a little too big and fall slightly edgy cut (not round). Thus, the haptic is not perfect for me. People with large hands can however access. The knife has 3 advantages. 1. With 40 Euro price really a very good value for money. 2. Since it has no tip, it is my opinion dangerous than knives with lace. 3. There is a Chinese chef's knife and thus a utility knife in the kitchen. I use it for almost all cutting work. Anyone who has worked with a Chinese chef's knife, knows how easily and quickly be pushed after cutting the cut on the wide blade and the leaves maneuver bowl or pot. This goes with any other knife, saving a lot of time. I'm just trying .... I had my epiphany years ago with my first knife from the Asia-Laden.

Not perfect in the haptics but solid goods with good price-performance ratio. Due to the large handle I would now opt rather for a knife from another manufacturer, for example, from Wusthof, Rösle or Fissler). These are likely to be equivalent to the quality and could feel the cut even better. The price, however, is higher. For people with large hands and a budget, but buy recommendation.

Update from 25.01.13:
I'm still very happy with the knife. As I have already several times sharpened the knife in the meantime, here's a tip, which sharpening devices are recommended. For coarse and fine sanding I use Tupperware knife mouse. This is effective, safe and inexpensive. The sharpening wheel can buy more individually. Before the knife mouse is used, but I sharpen with a sharpening steel first. For this I use the ZWILLING 32576231 Sharpener, plastic handle, black. The Chinese chef's knife, the knife-sharpening steel mouse and you are then sufficiently equipped perfectly for the daily kitchen work and is always at least 1 sharp knife at hand.

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