Good, but not perfect smartphone at a high price

Good, but not perfect smartphone at a high price

Apple iPhone 6 Smartphone (11.9 cm (4.7 inch) display, 16GB memory, iOS 8) Grey (Wireless Phone)

Customer Review

I have long quarreled with me, but already my betagtes Galaxy S3 to send in pension and zuzulegen a new smartphone. It turned me wonder if I should stay in the Android camp or Switch back to Apple. After none of the currently available Android smartphones could fully convince me (in particular due to the fact that HTC, Sony and Samsung will present their new top models in the near future), I decided finally for the iPhone 6.

Apple has slightly revised the packaging of its latest smartphone generation. The packing excels at simple simplicity. The iPhone has settled the old known accessories. I decline to take this opportunity, however, to further explanations, corresponding reviews are available at the respective product (eg apple earbuds) sufficiently.

Operation and form factor:
The iPhone comes with iOS 8 and runs really smoothly. There are come to me neither great stuttering, crashes or the like. I had to get used to than of former Android users back to the differente use, was clear to me, but the simplicity of the system designed this not too difficult.
On the operating system itself (its advantages and disadvantages compared to Android) I will not elaborate, that would go beyond the scope.

Due to the fact that the iPhone 6 with larger 4.7 inches fails, the operation designed compared to the previous generations to be more difficult. I have rather large hands and even I find it difficult the phone with one hand to operate. However, this is not due to the width, but simply on the height. Current smartphones are here compared with the compact and the same size or larger display. I can, however, place each the reachability function warmly here. By double tapping the Home button, the display moves downward (simple test).

The design and materials used on the iPhone are a matter of taste, I personally like the new design well. At first glance, everything seems very consistent, on closer inspection, however, to me a few negative aspects are noticed. It should be said that my benchmark regarding quality of workmanship is inherently very high applied and proportional increases for the price.
1. The Mute Button wobbles a bit (what the function does not limit the time being), here I am of other Apple mobile devices used better.
2. The Home button is a lot louder than previous models (Touch ID?)
3. The jack socket is no longer made of metal, but plastic. The fact in itself would not bother me further in my device but the plastic is not properly milled (ground) and therefore more plastic is present as there should be.
4. Even with my device is in the upper edge region determine a yellowish discoloration (with white background). Currently I do not mind this, as the display is otherwise perfect, and the presentation is top.

Regarding the scratch susceptibility I can still not made a finding, since I use the phone with Case and protective glass and I'm not going to change anytime soon. However, it should be clear that aluminum is a relatively soft metal, therefore scratches are certainly not to prevent (without case).

-Touch ID: The fingerprint scanner is a useful way to code lazy people like me to give a simple manner a little more security. Touch ID works perfectly with me, the detection rate is almost 100 percent. Tip: Configure no more than one or two different prints. The more different fingers are stored, the longer the unblocking process.

Camera: The camera only has 8 megapixels and makes ordinary photos. This pixel mania for smartphones (20 MP and more) is to me still incomprehensible because more pixels and a smaller sensor is more likely to noise and the quality is accordingly poor. To make high-quality photos really, you come to a DSLR you should not settle. For snapshots go, the camera, however, is perfectly adequate and makes good photos.

-RAM: Like its predecessor (and its predecessors) has the iPhone 6 1 GB of memory. This was / is widely criticized, in particular due to the fact that current Android smartphones are equipped with 3 GB. but iOS is compared to Android a lot more efficient, so 1GB is generally more than adequate. Nevertheless, it would have been desirable to build in 2GB as the new iPad Air 2. If the larger memory would bring long term no significant advantage, why 2 GB were in Air 2 then installed?

The pricing of Apple has always been a subject in itself. The demand determines finally the offering. Despite the high-set prices, Apple products sell extremely well. It's up to you to decide whether the high price is justified or not. It is, after all, no one forced to purchase. Incomprehensible it is for me, however, to take the 32 GB version of the offering and continue to offer a 16GB version.

Unfortunately I have to say again and again that many people equate warranty and guarantee that the best type and learn one with the other confused, completely false remarks simply not enough about it.

Whilst guaranteeing one understands the strict liability for defects that already exist in the time of handover. This means on the one hand, that a deficiency must be and, secondly, that this defect must be present from the beginning.
Example: I buy a cell phone, in this is faulty from the beginning of the speakers. Defect of the speaker: lack (as usually assumed property).
When handing over: The speaker was defective from the onset.

The warranty is always directed against the seller, never against the manufacturer (except Manufacturer = seller).

The warranty is in tangible goods (eg mobile phone) 2 years from handover. It should be said that the warranty after 6 months in some ways is toothless. After 6 months, the buyer must prove that the defect upon delivery already existed. Of course this is difficult to prove in practice.

Warranty is provided voluntarily by the manufacturer, such as Apple. Claim under warranty There is therefore no other than the manufacturer must allow such.

For Apple the warranty is 1 year from date of purchase. However, this can be extended by the iPhone AppleCare + or the AppleCare Protection Plan for 2 years. AppleCare + can be completed within the first 3 months, the AppleCare Protection Plan within the warranty.
I would recommend at this point to anyone buying an AppleCare Protection Plan (is cheaper in comparison, but harder to get, eBay ...).

All in all, the iPhone 6 a recommendable smartphone. It's not perfect (what is perfect?), But in any case worth seeing what is offered. In particular, if Apple products already exist, the iPhone adds very well into the existing infrastructure.
At this stage, I would buy, despite the negative aspects of the device again. Whether I'm going to say the after presentation of the new Android Smartphones Top still remains to be seen.
Another reason why I, despite the fluctuating quality of workmanship still buy Apple products, the really good service on the part of Apple. I had never had problems with this, in particular the service hotline is highly recommended.

Just post in the comments If you have questions regarding warranty / guarantee and warranty claims. I do not mind spending more experience and advice.

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