His best album 1

His best album 1

4 (CD)

Customer Review

With "4" Beyoncé abandons commercial Pop to return to his R & B roots with a touch of funk, rock, pop but also Caribbean and African beats, a masterpiece.
4 is certainly his best album (in competition with B'day), we can only salute the risk that Beyoncé took with this album very different from what we hear today.
We feel that Beyoncé took time to make this album, she will put all her heart and she had more freedom than his previous opus.
Vocally perfect, her voice has matured, we can only be touched by perfection and scope thereof.
Real instruments are used on almost every song, electric guitar, bass, drums, which is very rare in the R & B and pop these days.
Little up-tempo but high quality up-tempo, very fresh with a touch of Caribbean and African influences.
Beautiful ballads that blend beautifully with the voice of Beyoncé and some very successful mid-tempo also a varied lbum.
I have one desire, to see and hear on stage with this wonder.

Hat the artist.

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