My first Tales..und what ONE !!!

My first Tales..und what ONE !!!

Tales of Graces f - Day One Edition (Video Game)

Customer Review

Hello RPG out there friends,
I also want to give my impression of the game here.
I am very grateful that the first time .. it still create such role playing today on a console
I describe here are some points that I feel to be particularly important:

Gameplay ..

I will not eingehehen the story, except that it is very well told and especially maintains very good.
First I would like to praise the beautiful game world. Something can be seen only rarely today. Of course there are countless areas like cities, vast meadows, caves, forests and und..aber and they are so lovingly designed rises the one's heart.
The battles take place in real time, while you have to touch the opponent in the walk-in area to start a fight. The fighting itself is very dynamic, and there is a lot what to look for, but do not worry it is taught you everything step by step.
The characters are wonderfully designed and all have their own history, you're told more and more as the game progresses.
The enemy design is quite varied and also knows how to please.
There is RPG-typical course a lot of equipment and items. Too bad I can only find the one newly created equipment not to the characters looks (except for the arms).
One can also dualize items in addition, that they connect with each other to create a new Item. This happens very quickly by hand and is really easy gehalten.Die control is buttery soft and goes slightly out of hand. I particularly find the dialogues. There are times which are shown in anime sequences, then there are those where entertain Caraktere in English language edition. All the remnants of dialogues takes place in speech bubbles. Class is all that is completely in German.
The game world shines again with nice design. I love it, for example, to enter a house, great attention to detail and atmosphere shoot you back to one of the good classic RPG where the simple nor one of them.

Graphics, sound ..

The graphics are very pretty. She has the look of cel shading but just right for the game.
I have had no crashes nor stuttering.
The loading times are just fast and rob especially zero atmosphere.
Most chalk to the graphics, but I personally have nothing to complain about. Colors are very tired at all everything seemed very loud and colorful.
It fits easily :)
However, I find that a shame the sound does not take place in 5.1. That would have brought one or the other plus point in terms of atmosphere.
The songs are still very comfortable and fit well to the situation and not nervous. The one or the other song and I really like.
English speakers do a very good job.

Tools ..

Of course trophies in my opinion also represent a very good challenge (eg make a final boss within 1 minute cold etc.)
The Day One Edition is beautifully implemented. There is a code for the PSN costumes holds and a design for the PS3 XMB. There is a making of DVD, a CD with the soundtrack and a artbook which is also very high.

Conclusion ..

I must add that it is my first Tales. Nevertheless, it is a brilliant RPG that no one requires any Prerequistites predecessor.
The whole game has a good role-play concept as role-playing games of the older generation still had (Terranigma, Lufia or Breath of Fire, for example).
I give the game 5Sterne because such games way too seldom are and I just miss something.
I hope I could help a little further and speak of an absolute buy recommendation, because when there will again be a JRPG with German subtitles ??? ;)

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