Power are keen on that album ....

Power are keen on that album ....

Fallen (Ltd. Edt. Incl. Poster) (Audio CD)

Customer Review

Ohohoh, I can already hear the supposedly "real" fans cry. Volbeat have signed the global player Universal and the first single from the new album is quite poppy more advisable rocker, who is not really hard, and in my view pretty much the softest song so far is by the Danes.

So the beginning of the end? NO F * cking WAY !!

Sure, a metal song and really played "complicated" it is not. You could call him almost as radio friendly .... * * EEEK call. But so be it, the song rocks simply and directly invites you to sing along and down. Michael sings his late father to exactly the right level, that it put under the skin goes white, yet not kitschy acts. The stupid Radio Edit one can but again forgettable because in the middle is missing the guitar solo.

The B-side of "Rebel Angel" can also refer to as typical Volbeat Rocker. The drums begin slightly jazzy, but shortly thereafter, the guitars get going and pull the starting Vibe through to the end. Listen worthwhile.

In itself, I can only say the following about the single. Who the "soft" songs of the guitar has fallen gangsters should also like this song. To all others who are afraid now that the band has totally devoted to commerce, I advise to first wait for the album. After all, there is also "A Warrior's Call" on it and the beats so in an entirely different direction. In addition, when Mille of Kreator and Barney of Napalm Death as a guest singer with it are not only pop songs are sure about his plan.

One may be curious.

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