quite nice, but the real kick is missing

quite nice, but the real kick is missing

Andoer Universal 3D Vr Virtual Reality Video Glasses Movie Game for iPhone Samsung 3.5 ~ 6 "Mobile Smartphone Google cardboard Oculus Rift Head Mounted Headband (Electronic)

Customer Review

As I've read so much about VR and people all seem to be always thrilled I wanted to get an idea sometimes. As I currently only own one Galaxy S3 I wanted to buy for this test run does not equal an expensive glasses but I try on a typical Cardboard for now. I think these things out of cardboard for not as robust, I have decided for this model made of plastic. I am of course aware that such a cheap glasses with an expensive model ala Oculus Rift is not comparable, but for a first impression, it should be enough.

The glasses will be shipped in sturdy cardboard box in a soft cloth was still attached to the lens, as well as a leaflet with minimal description.
The feel of the glasses is not earth-shattering. Simple plastic. But does the job.
The comfort is, as already mentioned here in some reviews, not particularly. After a few minutes the glasses pushes the head and nose when wearing them with the rubber bands. If you hold it only at the head, it is ok. To order a bit rum to play so sufficiently. (Look like movies) for continuous use would have the part but still optimize something with foam.
The lenses can be left and right to move, so you can adjust the viewing distance. Was sufficient for my circumstances.
In addition, the lenses can unscrew a piece, which probably is intended to help to adjust the focus. However, I can see no real difference whether the lenses were quite pure or completely turned out. The attached leaflet will not receive any instructions to do so.

To use: the App Store, there are numerous apps that invite you to try out. I started with the Google App Cardboard.
Show notice that the magnet is missing for confirming menu. I have it then put a whiteboard magnets I am device simply move right just up and down. This works quite ok. A stronger magnet would probably be better.
The VR feeling was rather sobering in the Cardboard App. Clear the S3 has only ne 720p resolution, which of course makes the whole somewhat pixelated. But that was not the main problem. Much more disturbing that one always has the feeling to look through binoculars. You can see a part of the tube in which the stuck lenses. So it's not as if you have only the phone image in the eyes.
This has then partially some of Mäusekino, because you always have the feeling that you look somewhere clean. In the middle I imagine somehow differently. Here probably seem to be too low the degree FOV. Apparently the other spectacles (Dive, Homido) is much better. Maybe you can pimp with better lenses, these glasses but?
In addition is the fact that one sees black left and right edges, but probably the size of my S3 is owed.
In addition, the S3 for some apps is probably too weak. The roller coaster Apps bucking partially and a sense of speed does not come on. In the test with a Nexus 5 of a friend that was a little better. But again, you do not really feel in the middle of but rather you look somewhere clean. Complete field filling it is also not.
The 3D effect is mediocre. Best I liked the app Cartoon Village. Here you have a very neat 3D effect and also the middle Feeling a little better. Here are just ne higher resolution would have been better, but that has nothing to do with the glasses.
I've tried various video players, but the disappointment was even greater here. It's everywhere you get the feeling of looking at a huge movie screen. With these glasses (esp. In connection with an S3) is the definitely not the case. Here Mäusekino is rather fashionable. Yes, you can look around at some apps in the cinema and see the seats. But that's more gimmick. The screen looks away puny and sometimes much too far and 3D effects were rather poor. It was best with the app VR player, but unfortunately the S3 black artifacts indicating when considering so that you can enjoy movie and 3D only conditionally. But here at least the "canvas" was huge. Even 360 videos are good with this player, if only the artifacts would not. But the glasses can naturally nothing.

All in all it has been rather sobering for me. Rather nice, but really blew it did not me. The enthusiasm for VR can not understand hereby definitely.
Whether that would be better with a different glasses? Must actually, otherwise so many people would not excited. Maybe someone has experience. Currently I still flirtatious with a Homido glasses that should have a greater FOV and the Mittendrin Feeling is probably better. Ne Oculus Rift is not really an option for me because just NEN PC is necessary. Find the concept with a strong smartphone better. The VR One there are currently, unfortunately, only for iPhone and S5.
For new glasses but must anyway first time a new smartphone ago (is now eh times again). The S3 is the resolution just is not optimal and simply too weak in power. Nen LG G3 with the high resolution would be optimal here. Maybe someone has tested the glasses with this unit and can say in the comments to a few words. Would be happy.

A few more words about VR / Cardboard generally, that have nothing to do with the vote and the spectacle:
It's a pretty gefrickel. Many apps crash or only function not correctly. At various "Cinema" Apps can only stream or the file must be located on the device in a specific folder. Browse to the SD card None.
So you need a lot of time and must feel like to try lots of apps. Then you can also find the odd gem, which is quite nice as well with these goggles.

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