Shift 2: a huge disappointment

Shift 2: a huge disappointment

Shift 2: Unleashed (Video Game)

Customer Review

I do not really know where to start so I am disappointed.
To be sincere I launched the career mode is the only available way (I do not play online).
A sensible driver confirmed me introduce myself oversee the GTR with which I will do some laps and then my first race and there is a disaster ... Can not do a proper grip round the sudden I say "trying to drift've seen that allude "same result following the race that is not better by taking 1st place me I simply ejected from the track by an RN to pick ... Happiness !! !
Small focus: I am not at my first set of cases (1,2,3 Toca - GT 3,4,5 - 2,3,4 ps2 WRC - WRC 2.3 ps3 - Richard Burns Rally - Enthusia - Most Wanted - ProStreet - PGR - Forza 3.4) and even though I've always preferred the simulation to the arcade I not sulk my pleasure for a good arcade fun.
In Shift 2 I expected a title a little arcade simulation trend but even being soft braking and acceleration with a direction on eggs and passages non configurable speed semi-auto which suddenly really happen no matter how it is for my unplayable hand and it's not for lack of trying to disable the driver aids or try other combinations.
A word about the graphics, saw the Suzuka circuit on so many other games it is even more beautiful on the Real Racing 3 of my Galaxy S4 or on most PS2 games ... Go I stop there.
When I think that I took it based on good general impression that gave me the majority opinions ... I must be too difficult.

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