Sisyphus became president

Sisyphus became president

President François Hollande, secret route (Paperback)

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Serge Raffy gives us a well-documented biography of Francois Hollande. One that was rigged from the most diverse and varied nicknames both by members of his political family that by his opponents (Marshmallow the Conqueror, flamby, it is less known that the labrador Mitterrand, the great villain soft, strawberry wood, etc.) finally managed to defy the odds by being elected to the highest office.

Serge Raffy portrays the politician not so ordinary (though normal?) To be painstakingly built his career to lead her where he dreamed young: at the Elysee. He will have known what to make of his models (Mitterrand, Delors and Jospin) to build a middle (and career) personal policy. From an early age, he creates a network of friends who will remain loyal. Always like Mitterrand, he settled in a provincial constituency to win the presidency, not any because it is that of J. Chirac. A field work force, constancy and self-denial, it will also gain the sympathy of former president ... and support. Oddly enough, and it is a little insignificant trait for a politician, he does not keep grudge (or very little) against those who have hurt or despised.

But the life of François Hollande, is also that of his former partner, Segolene Royal, and their private and public lives are intimately linked. This leads to a double fracture, of course, when this community of life must end.

In short, this is a very interesting biography without too much bias. It is clear that when writing a biography one always leaves "seduce" (or "irritating") by the person you book. However, this is much more subtle than in the biographies of previous presidents by F.-O. Giesbert.

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