thrilling 3 1

thrilling 3 1

night fox

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Ronald Thompson has to die in the electric chair. Witness terrorized the small Neil said, during the trial, recognizing him as the murderer of his mother. But Ronald has always maintained his innocence. A few hours of the sentence, the child is removed with a journalist friend of his father by a deranged calling itself Fox. It escrow in the New York Central Station. The kidnapper threatens to blow up a bomb at the precise moment the condemned will be executed. Is there a connection between these two terrible news items? He is an innocent pay for the crime of another? A race against time is committed ...

This novel has revealed the talents of a true master of suspense. The plot is a delicious cocktail, strong anxiety and cruelty led to a beating drum rhythm that keeps the tension until the last page. Nobody unscathed, not even the player. Mary Higgins Clark received for this international bestselling crime fiction Grand Prix 1980. --Claude Mesplède

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