Top shower head, super setting, great water interruption!

Top shower head, super setting, great water interruption!

Baumarkt right hand shower "waterfall" chrome-colored (Misc.)

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It's difficult to find the perfect shower head. After all, everyone has different demands on water pressure, design and handiness. For this reason, I can only speak for myself when I say: my needs corresponds to the shower head completely!
One can speculate, you do not need five settings for the shower spray. However, I found exactly the crux of a shower head. Of course, here also lies the bone of contention. Because: One wants a gentle stream, the other a massage jet. Personally, I've bought this showerhead for the setting "waterfall". And not because I thereof hoped for a bubbling massage spray, but to intimate with a just slightly rippling out of the elongated slot surge, to shower off very sensitive areas of the body with me. There are some reviewers who were disappointed by the weakness of the surge-beam; I'm thrilled, precisely because the beam is not so strong! However, the shower head also has a stronger adjustment for those who no less than sufficient to the shampoo herauszuspühlen (I myself need not even for the truly violent massage jet; the normal function ranges wholeheartedly!).
The slightly clicking noise in the various settings is a bonus that a certain quality provides information at least, beyond some DIY showerheads.
The severity of the shower head was criticized by some. However, I can not agree there. Even after 30-minute showers (and the shower head constantly in his hand), he's not easier or harder than other shower heads in this size category.
The last point, which is often criticized, is the "water-stop function". This is for me the first shower that has a switch button on the handle; and after it has been considered by many to be useless, I have them also promised me not much. However, it was already at the first showers clear that this button provides a great opportunity: With my old shower head I've always turned normally when soaping the water and had to live with the reconnection that the water temperature was just really cold or too hot, because I had "lost" the optimal setting. With the button on the shower head, however, the water temperature is maintained, since it only blocks the actual feeds and does not switch off. Clear, a luxury problem. But slowly I am enjoying it more and more.
Why are some criticize here that the shower head would drop when switched interruption, you absolutely do not open up to me! After this break is supposed to be permanent, but only to stop short to - briefly to soap - as in my case. And for the interruption sufficient good.

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