Useful for me.

Useful for me.

Somikon wireless surveillance camera, USB programmable

Customer Review

The battery lasts a long time. In my nearly 9h when the camera is not permanently receives, 8h in continuous operation.
Charging time from the battery with power supply terminal 4h, PC about half an hour longer. In the long battery time, I think that is appropriate.
The battery lasts also sub-zero temperatures.
The driver has been detected and installed immediately.
The included software was installed just as quickly, is clear and well explained.
The camera makes a high impression, and the controls are easily walkable. One does not worry that when touched something falls, or that a falling down might damage something.
The Micro SD card can be installed and removed easily.
The recordings are played smoothly.

The shots are labeled "HD", I was very amused when looking at the selfsame, yet.
As I earlier had a mini-camera, where no "HD" -Resolution was given, I could not notice any differences at all.
Even with the current camera braucht`s good light. Although you can set a night mode, but a difference I could not festellen.
In addition, colors are displayed incorrectly. Dark blue is with me to a garish purple. Whether indoors or outdoors.
My recordings with a mobile phone are better.

The camera is useful for me:
1. I do not need HD recording.
2. The camera is used only in daylight and, or a well-lit room.
3. The battery life is very good.
4. The price for me is fine.

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