V800: a GPS RF multisport clock like no other!  Practical tests in Trainingsmix to Marathon;  Tests & comparisons (eg Fenix ​​2)

V800: a GPS RF multisport clock like no other! Practical tests in Trainingsmix to Marathon; Tests & comparisons (eg Fenix ​​2)

Polar training computers V800, Black, 90,047,437 (equipment)

Customer Review

The polar V800 replaces, a GPS RF Multisportuhr for runners, cyclists and swimmers (including triathletes) to be. It not only offers extensive running and heart rate analysis, but also offers for cyclists and swimmers (with heart rate measurement under water), including the necessary changes for triathlon phase transitions. Simultaneously, the V800 includes already an Activity Tracker for all-round analysis of the daily activities of the watch support (and thus integrates the functions of the Polar Loop Activity Trackers).

Conclusion after a few weeks through thick and thin to marathon: with the now integrated in an elegant enclosure design GPS measurement Polar offers its well-known and proven heart rate monitor, log and analyze the complete package for demanding endurance athletes. Some external instruments (Polar BT foot stride sensor, Polar cycling cadence sensor; Polar Keo Power pedal) extend the functionality. The polar V800 is definitely a best buy for demanding athletes who like the independent and noble watch design.

What is worth waiting for! Although the Finnish manufacturer Polar was indeed for decades a leader in ECG accurate heart rate recording and analysis for athletes, he fell at last under significant pressure as the main competitor Garmin had integrated into its proven and increasingly compact GPS watches since 2011 significantly improved heart rate analysis. Garmin offered based on its cooperation with the Finnish manufacturer Firstbeat Technologies then already from 2013 directly in the Running Watch integrated and so far so unheard of evaluation options for Running Analysis on (running efficiency, VO2max predictions, recreation counselor, etc. initially for Forerunner 620, then fenix 2 and FR 920XT).

The new design of the V800 has completely separated from the partly striking watches designs of recent Polar top models (RC3 GPS, RCX3, RCX5) and confident now. With clean lines and a silver-colored metal housing that contrasts with the dark black of the display and Strap The V800 has therefore been awarded shortly after the release of international design awards: reddot award 2014 Winner and ISPO Award Winner 2014/2015. Now, in 2014, can no longer raise doubts Polar that will be integrated with Polar Heart Rate and GPS feature in a watch case in the future. The well-known foot sensor is still available in now new Bluetooth version and is used in the context of fitness tests for jump tests - which we did not try. The V800 can also carry discreetly in leisure or in the office - with analog time display the clock falls the layman not necessarily as a sports watch on.

Polar underscores the multisport ability of V800 by (advertising) cooperation with the Ironman World Champion 2013 Frederik Van Lierde of Belgium and US triathlete Andy Potts and Sarah Haskins. However triathletes complain to the V800 currently (autumn 2014) still incomplete indoor swimming functions (track number, SWOLF value).

We have the polar V800 in the summer of 2014 for a few weeks in parallel with the Garmin fenix in structured Marathontraining 2 (because there was not yet the 920XT) used and in particular also compared the results of Garmin and Polar-run analyzes in coaching amateur athletes. Experience was available: since 2005, so more than a decade, the runner has at national and international city runs and marathons various GPS Running Watches (previously Garmin Forerunner 101, 205, 610, 220, 620, Fenix ​​2), for many years combined with Polar heart rate watches run (sequentially S410, S625X, Polar RCX5 with various foot running sensors) used. From 2011 the Garmin Forerunner 610 accompanied the Garmin-reliable GPS recording and heart rate analysis with the support of the Finnish company Firstbeat Technologies offered.

=== Polar V800: the main features ===
+ In the clock built-in GPS functionality to view and record speed, distance and route,
+ Elegant simple design that looks good not only in training but also in leisure and office (design awards)
+ Very easy to read inverted display (white on black), also very good in the dark with the backlight,
+ Satellite be found quickly (eg used SiRFInstantFix satellite prediction technology to up to three days predict satellite position, which is to enable a new satellite detection in about 5-10 seconds)
+ Built-fitness tests based on heart rate and -variabiliät (in this form a polar-USP)
+ Built Activity Tracker (corresponding Polar Loop) around the clock (24/7), deriving the recovery status,
+ Height data on barometric altimeter (not just GPS)
+ Water-resistant to 30 m,
+ Weight: 79 grams
+ Vibration and audible alarms,
+ Time display in different modes can be selected (also analog)
+ Diverse network connectivity: wired with USB charging clip and wirelessly with Bluetooth (via smartphone app)
+ Heart rate measurement even when swimming training (instead of Bluetooth is transferable underwater radio frequency used)
+ Bracelet can always be replaced, stiffer upper part is associated with the clock,

o a German-language handbook (96 A4 pages) can be downloaded as a PDF file, but not supplied,
o Android users can synchronize using a USB charging cable; the Polar Flow app for Android is mid November 2014 are still not compatible with V800 (or M400)
o Flow of Polar web service is officially until autumn 2014 in "beta".

- Firmware update only after establishment of a Polar-flow account possible (but no account does the use of the clock in any case only half as much sense)
- On the Polar web service flow is not indicated or stored in the diary entries of sports activities, with which Polar device that records were made (eg polar V800, Apple App Polar Beat)
- A lack of rapid and variable programming of interval training is a weak point of the V800 (Polar: "You can take your training divided into phases, each set a different target duration and intensity for each phase (...) Remember your training targets from. synchronize Polar Flow Web service at the FlowSync software or the Flow app with your V800. If you do not syncing, they are only visible in your journal or in the Favorites list in the Polar web service flow. ")

=== === First-time Operation
The clock comes in a pleasing designed, compact box, which is closed like a watch or smartphone box with magnetic clip and easily unfold. Polar strongly recommends on a slip of paper to call first on the Internet flow.polar.com/v800, the Polar V800 must be connected to the PC with the USB charging connector, download and install the synchronization software Polar FlowSync and the Polar web service flow (or Login login with an existing account). It is loaded on the V800 then the latest firmware. The V800 would then make a decision and make a recommendation on which wrist the clock would be best to wear: ".. As a right-handed you should the product on the left wrist wear (...) In this way, your activity is tracked most closely" Polar FlowSync then updates the software of the clock.

=== === Start the operating activity
The clock in the activity mode when the red START trigger is pressed (something inconspicuous to the middle of the right side). It can then by UP or DOWN the activity [Racing | Cycling | Swimming | Misc. Outdoor Sports | Misc. Multisport be] selected | Indoor sports | Triathlon. In the activity (eg while running), the clock shows in various data pages the usual run-relevant information (Pace, distance (part) distance, elapsed (partial) time, heart rate, etc.). Split times are taken Polar typical with the red START-pushers. Only the STOP handle not found in the labels - it's behind the back handle.

After the end of the activity V800 shows a summary of the activity and is evidence of the recovery status (time necessary for the recovery from the last activity).

=== V800 activity data to Polar web service flow transmitted ===
Polar has a new web service called Polar Flow web service introduced in 2013, the (previously only) is compatible with the Polar V800, the Polar Loop Activity Tracker, the newly announced Arctic M400 and the Polar Beat smartphone app (an available for iPhone Running App that can be paired with the Bluetooth sensor Polar H7 and GPS activity records similar Runtastic allowed). The previous website polarpersonaltrainer.com who like RCX5 and RC3 logs the run data of all previous Polar-top models as a running diary, was - much to the discord longtime Polar users - initially incompatible, this is but the medium term are (in late autumn 2014). (Since Garmin users feel with the available since 2007. "Garmin Connect" website that seamlessly migrated early 2014 in a modern version 2.0, better off: all run data were continuously available and evaluate - in any activity recording is even noted, with which clock this happened and what software version the clock at the time had.)

= Wired Data Synchronization =
With the charging clip and the USB plug the Polar synchronized V800 PC all their records (activities such as courses and fitness tests) to the Internet portal Polar Flow Web. At the same software (firmware) updates are loaded for the clock from the network and update on the V800.

= Wireless synchronization with Bluetooth and Polar Flow app =
Currently for the Polar V800 (and the new M400) and the Polar Loop Activity Tracker has Polar the smartphone app polar flow develops (NB .: a separate running app that can pair your smartphone using the Bluetooth heart rate monitor H7, is call continues "Polar Beat".) In addition, the mobile app "Polar Flow" in Bluetooth mode is enabled on your phone, then the V800 under General Settings> coupling and synchronizing coupling> New Device, choose "Polar Mobile" and confirm. On the Smartphone, a six-digit numerical code is now entered for fixed coupling. The data between V800 and the polar flow account are synchronized. Later, an easy data transfer is possible simply when the BACK-pusher is pressed against the clock long: it begins Bluetooth connection and synchronization (assuming Polar Flow app and Bluetooth are active on your smartphone).

=== === Km accuracy of GPS track
The accuracy of the GPS-based distance measurement Polar V800 is / specified by the manufacturer with plus or minus 2 percent (see. Manual). We have compared the GPS-based distance measurement Polar V800 over several weeks at different races with different Garmin running watch, there was no case variations (more on this below) higher than about 2 percent. At the 2014 Berlin Marathon Polar V800 draws on our race with 43.03 kilometers. The difference between the clock to officially measured Berlin marathon (42.195 km) is +0.895 km, ie +2.1 per cent. A common variation value, as well as the running magazine Runner's World in issue 4/2014 on the same subject ("presumptuous claims", p.78) states: "different GPS watches show almost never at the same distance." Upper tester and editor Urs Weber further states: "GPS watches of the latest generation (...) measure the actual length of the route much more accurate (plus / minus 200 meters with a ten-kilometer run course, as our experience value) than any runner assess them can ". So RW derives an empirical value of about plus / minus 2 percent.

=== Training evaluation and fitness tests: VO2max estimation, resting rate, RR-recording ===
Known for the top running computer from Polar is the fitness test, the Polar running computer derives as an indication of the fitness state of the athlete for about ten years. Meanwhile, the initial correspondence is Polar OwnIndex value is used as VO2max estimation for predicting maximal oxygen uptake ability.

The maximum oxygen uptake VO2max is a well-known athletes parameters to characterize the level of conditioning. The maximal oxygen uptake (in milliliters) that can be utilized per minute per kilogram of body weight at maximum power, is called the "relative maximal oxygen consumption" (in ml / min / kg). Top athletes such as distance runners, cyclists or skiers should be able to reach peak values ​​of 80-90 ml / min / kg (Source: Dt Sport University.). VO2max can be measured or predicted by fitness tests (eg. As maximum stress tests, submaximal tests, Polar Fitness Test). VO2max is generally considered good index of cardiorespiratory performance and a good predictor of performance in endurance sports such as long distance running, cycling, cross-country skiing and swimming.

= Polar Fitness Test =
Polar leads with its top running watches already for a decade with the sophisticated fitness test (known as the "OwnIndex" found determination already in introduced in 2003 S410 is), an evaluation of heart rate variability at rest by, for the one about 6 must lie quietly minutes. Basically, already Studies from the early 1990s, currently refer to which Polar and Firstbeat Technologies (Garmin), the relationship between maximum oxygen uptake VO2max and Herzfrequenzvariablität. Polar determines the index each time and up to date on the basis of a daily current situation. In contrast, determine Garmin's newest top running computer (FR 620, Fenix ​​2, FR 920XT) VO2max estimation of the previously provided heart rate mileage (or at FR 920XT separately for cycling). Current heart rate-based evaluations also make the Polar chest strap and Garmin further required; the running watches TomTom and adidas (miCoach) that determine without chest strap heart rate via infrared near the wrist must renounce the ECG accurate evaluation of the heart beats.

The fitness test of the V800 allows, according to the Arctic (see. V800 Manual), easy, safe and fast to measure aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness at rest. The result is used to evaluate aerobic fitness. The index is in healthy adults by long-term training workload, heart rate and heart rate variability at rest, gender, age, size and body weight influenced (more on that in V800 Manual).

For optimum comparability, it makes sense to the fitness test under unchanging conditions at rest (with no disturbing noises, for. Example, television, radio or telephone) to carry out, for example, early in the morning before getting up. On the V800 test under test is> Fitness test starts Start> Relax & Test. The recognition of the scale Heart Rate Strap and the end of the test (after 6 minutes) is acoustically confirmed. We carry out the Polar Fitness Test with different running clocks by about 10 years, there is for domestic use of amateur athletes today with the V800 is no better method of measurement which is so inexpensive. At the end of the test, a description of the fitness test results and the estimated VO2max value is displayed and can be stored in the clock. The result is entered in the synchronization Running Watch as a separate entry in the activity calendar of the Arctic Flow Web Services and can later be checked and evaluated. Unfortunately, there is not noted which device has taken the test (the Polar Beat App can do that, but does not allow the necessary classification of training load). The correct input of the training load, eg "regularly (1-3 h / week)" or "Often (3-5 hours / week)" is important and has a significant impact (about 10-20 percent) on earnings.

Even more than the absolute value of the time course of the fitness test value or VO2max estimation for training development ("coaching") of the athlete is relevant. A unique selling point of Polar!

= Orthostatic test =
The new to the V800 introduced so-called "orthostatic test" by specifying Polar is a tool for measuring the balance between training and recovery. The orthostatic test is based on a measurement of the heart rate at rest (as in the Fitness Test) and heart rate variability. During the test, the resting heart rate ("HR rest"), heart rate while standing ("HF standing") and the peak heart rate ("HF peak") is measured and the result is displayed with the deviation from the average of the last measurements and stored. The result is transferred to the other activity data to the Polar web service flow and can be evaluated there over time. For each measurement, the heart rate with a total of about 6 minutes is (partly alone, partly standing) recorded.

By the way here results in a reproducible measurement of resting heart rate, which had to be otherwise determined by the athlete from a more minute heart rate measurement itself. Again: a unique feature of the Arctic!

= RR recording =
With the RR recording RR intervals of ECG accurate heart rate curves are stored, ie intervals between successive heartbeats. Heart rate varies with every heartbeat and heart rate variability (HRV) is the variation of RR intervals. With the RR recording these intervals can be stored for research or coaching purposes and evaluated in Flow Web retrospectively without detecting training data. This test procedure is different from a fitness test and orthostatic test in the V800 is not completely determined - there is no predetermined end time of the clock used to measure and there is no categorization of fitness classes. Something for specialists ...

= Jump tests =
With the optional Polar Bluetooth foot sensor (running sensor Polar Bluetooth Smart, 91046786) can also be made jump tests - this has not been tested by us - read more in the manual.

=== === Programmed interval training
Typical and known in marathon training is the long slow endurance runs to increase stamina - that you need but usually no running computer. In order to increase the basic speed, build almost all training plans a varied (even for shorter distances such as half marathons and 10km runs) interval training. As the V800 - - To run this strenuous workouts, a preprogrammed Running Watch is with announcement of phase change by vibration and / or Actuarial tables tones be very helpful. A typical interval training consists of four different phases (in polar jargon): warming up, task [Active] calm and cool-down. Task and active rest period are repeated as crucial phases of interval training often different. On the polar V800 even interval training can not be programmed / adjusted (As of October 2014), this is only possible on the Polar web service flow. For this purpose under diary> Add> Training target> Quick goal with phases to define a Interalltraining. For each phase (warm-up, task [Active] rest, cool down) either time or distance goals set and the desired heart rate or pace-areas can be defined. After connecting all phases can "repeat phases" with the repetition number of task and [Active] peace be specified. Then the bottom right under preview the star icon ("Favorites") is clicked ("Save as favorite destination"), interval training just defined is transmitted to the favorites at the clock and can be started directly there. Here it is on the clock itself a change in the phase repetitions impossible. (Dieter Baumann 4h-marathon training plan on Runtastic (freely available) contains, for example varied interval training the following form: 10x (3 min + 2 min), 6x (5 min + 2 min), 10x (3 min + 2 min), 3x (10 min + 4 min), 8x be prepared (3 min + 2 min). For the use on the V800, the training must therefore at the computer).

=== Field tests of V800 vs. Fenix ​​2 compared: GPS-km, HF and VO2max ===
In the marathon preparation for major World Record Marathon Berlin 2014, we have more than a few weeks, the Polar and Garmin fenix V800 2 in parallel in training. This has some characteristics open up a direct comparison. Here it should go only to some test results and notes - a total consists in two clocks in practice a very high result reliability (with some question marks in different specific VO2max estimation).

V800 vs. Fenix ​​2:

+ Display.
Undoubtedly, the inverted display (white text on black background) the polar V800 is considerably more readable than the Fenix ​​2 - it was in the light as in the dark with backlight, especially in the run (Polar: none Garmin: worse than Forerunner 620! / 220).

+ Operation (pusher and inscription)
The polar V800 is similar to operate as earlier Polar-top models - only the red START / LAP-pushers is now moved to the middle of the right side. Getting used to (but polar-typical): the red button is for starting and Lap, stops opposite the bottom left ("BACK"). The UP / DOWN lever located to the right above and below the red START trigger. Light handle top left of the housing. Inscriptions on the V800: LIGHT, BACK (left side of the case), UP, START, DOWN (right housing side). Sorry, missing labels for just STOP and LAP for unambiguous operation.

Unlike the polar V800 the Garmin fenix 2 to use are served as many classic watches with stop function world (eg Nike Triax, Omega Speedmaster, Timex watches.): A red start / stop lever, Lap-pusher including, more Features left opposite: light top left, up / down lever underneath. All important basic functions are labeled on the display next to the pusher.

+ Internet Running Diary
The Polar Web Flow is relatively confusing after login, the default view is a world map with the right of a column of foreign (shared) Running entries. In the Diary view all own activities are recorded in a calendar, including homemade fitness tests (VO2max estimation) and orthostatic tests (among others for resting heart rate; great new feature!).

Unlike Polar Flow online portal Garmin Connect has been available since 2007 and has been significantly freshened early 2014 as Version 2: appear after login Information tiles with short information, which can be easily formatted and rearranged. The overview "Activities" lists all activities on line by line. Surveys of VO2max measurement and temporal changes can be added and configured under "Reports".

>>>>> Measuring results vs. V800 f2 compared: Distance, RF, VO2max <<<<<
The measured GPS distances on short and long-haul routes are very well together (Test arrangement: V800 on the left wrist, Fenix ​​2 on the right wrist): inaccuracies / discrepancies are GPS-clock typically at less than plus / minus 2 percent.
>>> Comparative Test 1 (10 km):
"Distance" in "easy continuous run". Recorded / measured in the same run 10.43 km (f2) and 10.44 km (V800).
This means inaccuracy of plus / minus 0.5 percent to the distance average of 10.435 km.
Relative total difference (10 m) between two clocks based on the distance averaging 1 percent.
>>> Comparative Test 2 (11 km):
"Distance" in "easy continuous run". Recorded was with four devices (FR220, f2, V800 and iPhone 4S with Polar Beat App) during the same run: 11.23 km (FR220), 11.34 km (f2), 11.34 (iPhone), 11.37 km (V800).
This means an inaccuracy by less than plus / minus 1 percent of the distance mean value.
In this run only the HRM-run sensor in operation and with two Garmin watches via ANT + was coupled: the heart rate (average and maximum) has been on both watches recorded exactly the same).
>>> Comparative Test 3 (33 km):
"Distance" in "long slow endurance". Recorded were the same run 33.05 km (f2) and 33.02 km (V800).
This means an inaccuracy of significantly less than plus / minus 1 percent to the distance mean value.
>>> Comparative Test 4 (V800 HF vs f2):
"Heart rate" in "easy continuous run". The Fenix ​​2 measures with HRM-run sensor and Garmin Belt: RF AVG 136 bpm. The Polar H7 Bluetooth V800 with sensor and Polar strap measures: HF AVG 136 bpm.
(NB .: This run was actually carried out with two watches and two chest straps with the respective HF sensor).
>>> Comparative Test 5 (VO2max):
individual "VO2max" case estimate as "fitness test" - the critics at the time immediately before the Berlin Marathon 2014th
V800 determines "48" (from Fitness Test at rest, exercise dose "often" (3-5 h / week) must be selected, otherwise the VO2max is estimate around 40, ie 10 per cent lower).
Fenix ​​2 determines "50" (up from last "48" two weeks in advance).
Inaccuracy: plus / minus 2 percent around the mean 49. (Note: in a ergospirometric test of reviewers (ramp test on treadmill fitness test and breath analysis) in a sports training center was measured, an individual VO2max than 50 [mL / min / kg] in the previous year - fitness level was in September 2014 comparable, partly (competition times of half marathon and marathon) even slightly better than in 2013).
(Note 1:. For both VO2max estimates need user input to be entered to date in the watch (weight) Note 2:!.. The Polar Beat app with paid Fitness Test (in-app purchase) does not allow setting of the user's training load , shows in this case a 10-20 per cent lower than on the V800).

=== The write the other: pro-tests (for information) ===
* Compared Test of 15 "GPS watches back to life" the magazine CHIP (08/2014) the polar lands V800 with "very good" at No. 1: "unique selling point is the built-in 1 Activity Tracker Polar packs the features of his fitness. Strap Loop in the V800. Users thus get two devices in one, a high-end GPS clock and a fitness bracelet. "
* The magazine Runner's World (online) offers only a Runing database with manufacturer data / descriptions without their own editorial review as the V800 (no comparative test with placements).
* Triathlete Thorsten Firlus presents in his "bastard" blog in May 2014, early example of the V800 before, easy to google with "V800 - the longed must" and compares there in Nov. 2014, the V800 with the new 920XT.
* The FAZ has introduced some tested top multisport watch October 2014, including the V800. The meeting of art-editor Hans-Heinrich Pardey and triathlete and Ironman Hawaii Finis Herin Susanne Braun eg "V800 are decisive for purchase differences in detail" with easy to google.
(Note .: Amazon removes links, therefore above the Google Notes).

=== === A Final Word
Sounds, text, images - critically, independently, often "on the run" - our motto. Should these lines be useful in orientation and possible purchase decision, thank the reviewer for an appreciative clicking on "helpful". For additions, questions and comments is the comment channel available.

<> <> <> <> <>
Short Supplement in their own right (end of October): Many thanks to all the readers of the whole text or parts of it (which is why the structure), who found this (long) text helpful and have expressed this - within the first three weeks was over "helpful" clicked 60 times, which is about three "helpful" clicks are on the day. This has impressed and looking forward! The text is (probably) long - and currently takes in part of the offer only by Polar heart rate-based tests on instructions and explanations of the Arctic from the V800-instructions. It is pointed out. The aim was to give potential for this new and well priced located in the upper segment Polar Clock as many notes from practice one technique interested hobby runner before a possible purchase. Why the functional technical details? Google CEO Eric Schmidt has recently expressed as (quoted from WirtschaftsWoche 44/2014 (25 October 2014), p 62): ". Our biggest competitor in the search engines is Amazon '

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