Very effective, delighted with my purchase

Very effective, delighted with my purchase

Babyliss Homelight pulsed light hair removal new generation G930E (Health and Beauty)

Customer Review

Here is my review after 4 sessions of use:

- First a little difficult grip, I could not well trigger the flashes, but only because I did not support enough on the skin (my fault). For the epilator works requires that all sensors are (strongly) pressed on the skin. Easy exercise - although long - on the side of the legs, bikini, underarms. Almost impossible on the face (even with the special window), shins, or very bony areas (knees) or irregular (face). However, by aligning the epilator vertically instead of horizontally, on some area we are not evil spell.

Conclusion on the takeover: gun shape is may not be the easiest to use, but I have not tried other forms.

- Glasses: Unusable. After a few minutes, they are fogged, even trying 36 different ways.
Conclusion: they are useless.

Namely: The results appear only after about ten days, so patiently, ladies.
My advice: shave her legs to your needs and let grow. Take a nice photo to see the evolution of your sessions, I regret not having done so, because at first I was a bit scared of not seeing the hairs fall right away and I was a little frustrated.

Length of hair removal: Applying me, I count one hour for legs / jersey / face / underarm.

- Results: This is what matters right? So there, just THRILLED. Note that I have very fair skin and very dark hair. I went directly to the maximum power (5) after a test on 48 hours and I'm not disappointed.

From the first session: Hair under the arm greatly diminished. Some small holes on the legs. I think the result was not as strong as expected because you have to master the device! With hindsight, flashes jespaçais too and I missed areas. It is difficult to know where we flash!

After 4 sessions: At least 50% less hair on the legs if not more (I still need 10 days to see the results of the so-called fourth-session). I think that within two weeks, will be the biggest party. There are areas with no hair, and others when they push, sparsely. It must remain refractory me 2 hairs under the arms. The jersey is a little resistance but is sparse.

My greatest regret? Not having invested earlier in such an apparatus.

Side Pain: No worries, even the parts "sensitive" as the jersey. At worst, it heats a little, but it's so fast that it does not interfere.

Finally, I am delighted with my purchase, OK, practicality issue, we have seen better, but it is effective and affordable, which makes it particularly attractive. And Babyliss is a known and recognized brand, it reassures.

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