Visually attractive, well-made, super hot coffee drinks and a very good price-performance ratio

Visually attractive, well-made, super hot coffee drinks and a very good price-performance ratio

BEEM Germany i-Joy Café Ultimate, espresso portafilter machine with 20 bar with integrated milk frother, chrome-black (household goods)

Customer Review

... Characterize the i-Joy portafilter machine Beem, who has already surprised me when unpacking positive. It is small and compact, this looks chic in black / chrome-colored design made, is barely larger than a normal coffee machine and can be operated comfortably, even under high cabinets, without needing to prefer. Dimensions: 23 cm wide, 27 cm long (+ 8 cm when the filter holder is used), 33 cm high.

For the price you get a versatile device that not only espresso (small / large / Lungo) but also different coffee beverages with milk produces, ie next to cappuccino (small / large) and latte (small / large) and hot milk with milk froth for cocoa. The selection "bar" for example yields about 250 ml of hot milk with about 100-150 ml fine milk foam, perfect for a hot chocolate. Do you need less milk, the output can be stopped prematurely by pressing a key. With the various screen carriers can ground coffee beans or even if it should go quickly in the morning, coffee is used.

The pump works (20 bar) with proper pressure and thereby provides a truly aromatic coffee forth. For coffee and even with ground coffee, there is a wide range, so that everyone is sure to find his favorite variety. Espresso, gets a fine crema; I Tchibo Barista Espresso and Segafredo Intermezzo used. I am always amazed at how hot the prepared drinks come out of the machine, especially those with milk considerably hotter as from our fully automatic. Even when the milk foam Beem does a good job, he is wonderfully fine pores. The strength can be adjusted with the button attached to the milk container.

After a short warm-up the various beverages can be prepared quickly and easily; actually everything is intuitive, last open questions are answered by the manual easy to understand. The water tank is well dimensioned with a capacity of about 1.7 l. The milk container (500 ml until the maximum mark) could be a bit bigger, with several large macchiato latte succession have to quickly refill milk. The machine is pleasantly quiet, only in the preparation of milk / milk foam makes quite a lot of noise. Practically, the automatic switch-off after about 15 minutes. So you do not have any time during the day pressing the rightmost on the side on / off switch, but simply press one of the selection buttons, already heated the machine on again.

For the coffee making small cups, mugs or tall glasses can be used, in general, the vessel is placed here on the drip tray. For small cups, the so-called. Slider drip tray can be pulled out, which is located under the milk container. Actually very practically solved, I find the design but something hakelig and shaky. When using a glass coffee drip tray may also be removed easily. Very large glasses with full contents can be found in something worse.

Otherwise, the workmanship is very good, the plastic makes a stable impression. The display light up the dial buttons and the pilot lights for the respective coffee beverages blue, the keys for the milk drinks light up only when the milk container is firmly attached to the machine. Practically, one can see immediately when the milk container is seated. Why only the preparation of the 2 left coffee drinks (each small / large cup) is displayed with an indicator light, the choice on the right side (Lungo / bar / Clean) do not mind not open up to me. I would wish for every selection a corresponding display.

The portafilter is made of cast aluminum, the 3 different bets you can easily assign the maximum capacity for ground coffee is internally identified by a marking. The ground coffee may be filled with the supplied measuring spoon, which is turned over as tamper for the pressing of the powder used in the strainer.

The cleaning also is simple. After using the milk container milk lines must be absolutely purged (pressing the switch Clean and setting of the control dial on the milk container), in addition the metal pipe should be wiped off the front. Then the rest of the milk can be kept in the milk container in the refrigerator. Unfortunately, the lid of the milk container is put, I would have liked a firmer closure instead. After several passages of the milk container and the supply lines should be thoroughly cleaned. The procedure is similar to a coffee machine, it is recommended there 1x per week. It is for water poured into the milk container and a Latte Macchiato set so that water can run through all the leads. In addition, the lid of the milk container must be disassembled into its component parts and to be flushed out all the parts in the dishwasher.

The i-Joy of Beem is perfect for those who prefer a Siebträgermaschine, without any compromise on some of the amenities of a fully automatic machine. The very good price-performance ratio convinced.

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