Without limiting Highly Recommended

Without limiting Highly Recommended

NHL 11 (video game)

Customer Review

Many familiar game modes

The "NHL" series of EA Sports has become the most best-selling hockey game for the Playstation 3. As in previous versions of the Player of the Game Mode has re spoiled for choice. Schier infinite number of different opportunities are available to the user after starting the game. For the purists who just want to start playing without many options, such as offering to "Now Playing" mode on. After a few clicks, the user is sitting on the ice. Of course, the well-known game modes such tournament or league with this. The creation of a separate player who must then be controlled by the career in the "Be a Pro" mode or supervisor mode, "Be a GM", have been taken over from the previous versions.

Innovation: "Hockey Ultimate Team"

But a new mode, which can be quite called real innovation is, but this: "Hockey Ultimate Team" mode. Here the player gets initially happened to be a team of several professional hockey players, different leagues and clubs assigned. This can then expand through further successes - new players to buy, hire a coach and so on. If you are too lazy to play a lot in order to get hold of a lot of points for new players, you can buy these via the Playstation Store.

Improved playability, accurate passes and broken bats

Now up on the ice: In the end, a player buys "NHL 11" to play on the PS3 Hockey. Graphically this version was little changed until nothing to its predecessor. It should be noted, however, that this would have been necessary in any way. "NHL 10" was graphically already at a very, very high level. If nothing has been graphically altered, the changes must be in play behavior.
That this is so, an experienced player this series noted very quickly: While the game on the ice as a whole become a little slower, but real-life. One has to control the feeling the players direct on the ice, passports can be played precisely and with different hardness and while running without the puck a little speed boost is possible. As a new gimmick to increase the feeling of reality, players can now lose their rackets or can this in a slap shot well before break. Another new feature is the long-neglected Bully system. While in the past did not have much influence, the player can now choose between backhand and forehand and example between one- or two-handed.

Without limiting Highly Recommended

The question remains whether it is for owners of the previous version is also worthwhile to buy "NHL 11" - and what about the newcomers? Especially newcomers will initially have "11 NHL" to play a little effort. Although the game is a very good tutorial is attached, but where it comes in 5 games really against 5 to the point, just quickly lose the overview newcomers. However, since no master has fallen from the sky yet and everyone was in the "NHL" series once a newbie, you should simply continue playing despite initial frustration.

At the latest after the first shot has landed in the opponent's goal, the addictive feeling will be aroused. However, one should take some emotional distance from the players, otherwise draws "NHL 11" one player so much that when a goal already flies the controller into its spell around the room. For newcomers, this game is therefore highly recommended 'as long as you hold out a little and not at the first defeat the game can gather dust in the closet. Owner of "NHL 10" have to ask yourself whether you have enough a similar game, then you should wait for "NHL 12", or if you absolutely need and without rational consideration "NHL 11" - then they are on the publication date before the LOADING loading door and playing, we feel the same joy in previous versions.

Despite the little decisive changes to its predecessor and "NHL 11" is again a magnificent, absolutely recommendable Hockey for the Playstation. 3

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