An essay on the current Japan

An essay on the current Japan

The Japanese (Paperback)

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As the title and the start did not advertise, it is primarily a test which takes the pivotal relationship between the economy and society, with openings on other key aspects, such as mentalities, technology, etc. While it was impossible to embrace the totality of contemporary Japan. The book starts with a historical perspective. It is especially by the quantity and quality of information little known in France. News Reporter (AFP), K. Doll nevertheless regularly returns on recent history (eg 80) to explain Japan today. The book seems indispensable to those who are interested in the dynamics of contemporary Japan, for example with the very precise description of 'konbini', one who is dedicated to the habits and problems of consumption. Note that this edition (2012) revises and enhances the previous (2008), giving an important place in Fukushima (notably in the input section). Unfortunately, we regret the number of shells, fouls (whose publisher is responsible) and a journalistic style filled with stereotyped expressions. This weakness sometimes makes painful reading an original work, served by knowledge both widespread, targeted and useful.

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