D 'Addario: Set of 3 games Strings, EXL110-3D, XL NICKEL WOUND, Pullers (0.10, 0.13, 0.17,0.28, 0.36,0.46) REGULAR LIGHT

D 'Addario: Set of 3 games Strings, EXL110-3D, XL NICKEL WOUND, Pullers (0.10, 0.13, 0.17,0.28, 0.36,0.46) REGULAR LIGHT

D'Addario Strings for electric guitar Nickel D'Addario EXL110-3D, Regular Light, 10-46, 3 games (Electronics)

Customer Review

Quality strings!

We are here in the presence of a lot of 3 sets of strings, the price at the time of this writing is very soft. Let's say that around 17 euros, the three sets of strings, it is very reasonable.
The Cordes Addarios, are of high quality, excellent workmanship, robust, free from manufacturing defects or detectable design,
... Regardless of the type of game, it is in no fragile (excellent!),

COURSE: Whether beginner or pro, the strings will not let you down.
A very nice point is that the very good workmanship and no oxidation problem as fast ... for certain types of fragile strings, which oxidize very quickly. Here no downside to the way in the medium term.
It last long !!! ... Of course everything depends of moisture rate they have to take. Sweating depends on each hand, it varies according to the individual. Oxidation of strings will be faster for some players.

With its "Nickel Wound", the sensations are very nice, pleasant to the touch! , The "glissandos" are a real Happiness !!! , Ropes with a beautiful personality and expressive sound, excellent performance agreements, and ring beautifully!

Pulling level: they are "REGULAR LIGHT GAUGE!"

I play with the "REGULAR LIGHT" (0.010 to 0.46), also with "LIGHT", also "EXTRA LIGHT" ... (0.09 to 0.42) ... It also depends on the expressiveness that I like in certain periods, depending on the situation or work or pleasure guitar that I love, of the desired sound, and guitar, etc ...

In aspects of guitaristic games
The strings is important !!!

Very basic advice: Try several types of Tirand !!! it is informative!

Well, I found very little detailed comments ... about this, and about some excellent string games.

I hope this review will be useful to all those seeking this type of information.

Good Music!

Ziehmlich good Rank: 5/5
March 2
it is 29 Rank: 4/5
December 12
TOO EXPENSIVE 52 Rank: 1/5
April 23

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