Extremely convenient operation, suction result and class low power consumption

Extremely convenient operation, suction result and class low power consumption

Miele S8 Parquet Special Canister / 1,200 W / AirClean filter / 3-piece integrated accessories / Comfort-cable rewind / plus / minus foot control / hard floor brush SBB Parquet Twister (household goods)

Customer Review

Our last dust Auer had unfortunately given up the ghost. However, after 15 years of almost full joy. It was at that time also a device from the renowned house Miele.
We would have bought us nearly Alternative "S8340 Ecoline", who then but luckily about the local video review noticed the weak points of the associated floor nozzle. (Thank you at this point to "MrsSippi"!)

- Great suction result
- Very easy handling
- Very low power consumption (we have him despite only 1,200 Wat max power usually found only on half power.)
- Rolled super easy afterwards - that compared to Siemens & Co. increased weight is imperceptible
- Parquet winds extremely supple to all corners, 90 degrees or more is not a problem
- Performance Change on foot pressure, no bending required
- Comfortable retractable cord on single foot print
- Completely framed flap (to protect furniture, door frames and the nipple)
- Volume pleasant
- Cheap spares over no-name manufacturers possible
- Miele conditionally expected very long life

- With about 190 twice as expensive as the competition from Siemens & Co. (Attention: this machine whilst other players were in our case, much cheaper than the vendors on Amazon!)

Who to clean quite a lot of hard surfaces has (parquet, laminate, tiles, etc.) will probably be thrilled by this Auer dust. The Parquet is here (in addition to the already many advantages) for us the selling point par excellence! Although it should be noted at this point that the normal nozzle (for carpets etc.) also included. Thus, we would have bought it probably, if we had to suck only tiles and carpet.

Allen, where nearly 200 for a vacuum cleaner is not too much, I can recommend this unit highly and I wish at this point a lot of fun with it!
All others I recommend, if at all possible, prefer to spend a little more than usual on the market 100. You will be more than compensated by the almost unbelievable comfort and longevity!

Our conclusion: A fantastic vacuum cleaner, which is more than worth the money!

Class white-board markers Rank: 5/5
January 29
Spotlight Magazine Rank: 5/5
March 12
satisfies 4.5 / 5 Rank: 4/5
December 23
Real surprise 1 Rank: 5/5
December 20
defective product 28 Rank: 1/5
October 28

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